Finding Something Inspirational

Thursday, June 28, 2007
Every have one of those days where not much goes right? Well, today has been one of them for me. Nothing serious, just little things going wrong. Then, in the midst of email gremlins, I remembered it was my day to blog here.

Now, for myself, I like to try to write something that will encourage others. Maybe challenge you in your writing or at least something to inspire you to plant self in front of the puter and get those words on paper. But today...I'm not feeling inspirational. In fact, so far, I've misspelled the word everytime I've tried to type it. Then I realized it's the same thing as those days I don't feel inspired to pull out that short story or novel in progress and work on it.

I'm sure everyone has had days where they'd rather sleep in, lay out by the pool or get lost in a great book someone else wrote. I know I sure have:-)

But...I'm a writer. I have stories to tell and ideas I want to share with others. Not only that, I have career goals I want to accomplish with my writing. And no amount of sleeping late, or poolside lounging is going to move me forward along the path I have set for myself. Writing is hard work. It takes discipline, sacrifice and chocolate. But no one is going to force me to spend time writing. I have to do it myself.

And so do you.

So today, I want to encourage everyone to recommit to their writing goal...whatever it may be. I challenge you to send out that piece you've been holding on to. Find an idea that inspires you and share it with the world. And remember, no chocolate until you do:--)



Sue said...

Thanks, Jean, for this motivational post! Even though you're not feeling inspirational, your words sparked it for me!

I think every writer knows that gray shadow of unproductivity. I've only managed to babble through emails this morning. My open document page remains mostly white, except for a single paragraph.

But now I have a factor to help me! No chocolate for me today until I meet my writing goal! Even if I only manage to type out my goals on a blank page, I'll be that much farther along within my subconscious writing mind (and that much closer to tasting some chocolate)!


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