Tribute to Grandparents

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
Here's a note from our own Chynna.

As some of you know, I’m writing my memoirs about my childhood with my mom. It is a very emotionally draining project because the subject matter is so raw. But it’s important to bring the subjects of undiagnosed mental illness and alcoholism into the open. If I can help one person with what I went through, it was worth it.

Anyhoo, I need a positive distraction so I’ve been working on another project. My grandparents were the most important people in my life. They literally gave me the glimmer of light I needed to rise above what was going on my house and helped save me from becoming a statistic. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. Period. In their memory, and in celebration of grandparents all over the world, I would like to hear quotes about why grandparents are important and a brief description of why.

This isn’t a Chicken Soup For The Soul project so I don’t need actual stories. Just brief quotes (maybe a paragraph or two) of how grandparents have sprinkled their stardust in your lives. I want to hear from parents, grandparents, kids and even experts (psychologists, counselors, social workers, etc) about this special relationship. I want to include as many of the quotes as possible in the first section of my upcoming book.

Please send your quips to I will accept quotes until July 31, 2007. When sending your quote, please specify how you want to be quoted: full name, first name only or anonymous. Totally up to you. For kids, they can send their own statement or parents can write for them.

Merci beaucoup!



Sue said...

Chynna, this sounds like such a wonderful project for many reasons! My grandmother from Slovakia played a key role in my childhood when my parents were away at work. She was my only living grandparent, simply because I came along late in my parents' lives...and I'm going to put together a quip for you...thanks so much! Merci beaucoup!

Anonymous said...
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D.S. White said...

Hi Chynna,

I thoroughly understand what you mean. My dad was either an extreme bipolar case or a schizophrenic.

In writing my serial memoir about online dating, eventhough, it supposedly had nothing to do with my mom and dad's relationship (so I thought) I was forced to evaluate how their dysfunction formed my young adult and adult choices.

Whewwwww... talk about uncomfortable!

Keep on keeping on, because I've gotten my reward three times over already for perseverance.


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