WOW! Flash Fiction Contest Testimonials

Sunday, June 10, 2007
Our editors, Angela and Beryl, add a personal touch to each of the WOW! Quarterly Flash Fiction Contest prizes. Read on for randomly selected winners’ notes from the Winter 2007 Contest.

Donna Wilkins earned 2nd Place for writing Nearly Rich and Famous. When she received her package she wrote: “I have scanned the check you sent and enlarged it to fit in an 8x10 frame. I'm hanging it on the wall in the room where I write. Whenever I get discouraged, I will look at that check and remember that I can succeed. Thanks again for the prizes, the encouragement, and for simply being really nice people!”

Jennifer Daniels, a Runner Up for June Bugs n’Ice Cream, wrote: “The candles, the wrapped little treats, the Wow hat, the manicure tool kit, the Upton Sinclair book The Jungle! I was especially touched by that personalized gesture as I had mentioned I really liked that book in my interview . . . I really did just want to cry as I touched my hand to my chest (I'm a writer as you know, so bear with my swooning over here). I opened it up and looked for your autographs (wink, wink) but alas, no. I know you put a lot of work into making these gifts very special and I could tell right away. You guys are somethin' else. I'll cherish these gifts always and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Linda R. Cook, Honorable Mention for Mama Rose and her Flower Children, said, “The UPS man just brought the package from ya'll at WOW! I am so thrilled... this is better than Christmas. The tote, hat, manicure set, book (Alice Munro is a favorite author of mine) treats, candles, and more... all awesome. I love your site and receiving these gifts for my honorable mention is over the top. Once again, my thanks for the prize package, and the fine work and services you provide. WOW rocks!”

Charity Tahmaseb’s TP-ing Casa de Clooney earned an Honorable Mention and she wrote, “Thank you so much for such a generous prize. It was such a nice surprise, arriving as it did on a Monday after a long day at work. I'm thrilled. Thanks again, not just for the great prize, but also for such a well-run contest.”

Jeanne Oravec, Honorable Mention for Aloha, Elayna, realized that our editors “obviously put much thought and effort into preparing the goodies. I will certainly use the hat and bag...and all the other little niceties...My poodle, Buddy, stood over me as I opened the box (he is very spoiled and thinks that every package that arrives has something in it for him) and when he smelled the little marshmallow cones, well, they were history. I thank you on his behalf. I am looking forward to the next contest.”

Their words prove the worth of writing contests. Currently our Summer Flash Fiction Contest is in full swing. Read the Contest Terms and Conditions and get going! Ready, set, write!


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