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Friday, May 11, 2007
Pamela Thibodeaux writes romance that's been called "Inspirational with an edge". Not only do her characters deal with their faith but with the everyday situations of real life that test it.

WOW! had the opportunity to speak with Pamela about working with small presses and self-promotion.

WOW: You've gone the small press route with your books. What's it like to work with a small press and what are some benefits?

Pamela: For the most part working with a small press has been enjoyable. Since I haven't yet worked with a large conglomerate, it's hard to compare. That said one of the benefits in working with a small press is quicker turn around from submission to publication. For example, I submitted my novel The Inheritance to The Wild Rose Press in January. On April 27 the E-book became available and the print version will be available June 22. That's pretty quick compared to 18-24 months with a traditional publisher.

WOW: I've heard with small presses the author has much more input into their books. Working with the small presses you have, have you had much input on cover design?

Pamela: Yes. I have. Both publishers asked for input on the covers and I am very happy with all of them.

WOW: No matter which publisher you use, it's left up to the author to do the majority of their self-promotion. What are some things you are doing to get the word out?

Pamela: You name it and I've probably tried it LOL! Promotion is a huge part of publishing. Working with a small press usually means little or no advance, which leaves an author digging into their own pocket for promotion $$. Some things I have done and continue doing are…blogging, virtual book tours, interviews, setting up signings and speaking engagements, writing and posting articles at sites like Associated Content.

WOW: That must keep your busy. What's your favorite method of self-promotion?

Pamela: Book signings, speaking engagements and interviews like this one. I love meeting people and sharing my knowledge and experiences.

WOW: I know you have a new book coming out soon. Where can our readers find more information?

Pamela: Thank you for asking. My single title novel, The Inheritance is available in e-book format NOW through The Wild Rose Press. The print version will be available June 22. Tempered Joy, book 4 in the 5-part series will be out sometime later this year or early 2008. The best way to find information is by visiting my website, the publishers' websites: ComStar Media and The Wild Rose Press or checking out my blogs: Writing Up, Pamela's Ponderings @ Romance Readers Room, or MySpace. All of my books can be purchased through your local bookstore or online sources such as Amazon, Books a Million, & Barnes and Noble, The Wild Rose Press also has a LuLu Store as well as direct purchasing through their website.

Thanks Pamela! We wish you much success with your writing endeavors.


Angela Mackintosh said...

Congrats on your new book Pam! It sounds great :-) The Wild Rose Press also sounds like a wonderful small press... I mean, how many publishers actually let you have input on the covers? Very cool. We wish you the best of luck and will be looking for your book soon. Thanks for a great interview!

thewriterslife said...

Great interview, both of you!

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Thanks Angela!

I really enjoy working with TWRP and ComStar!


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