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Monday, May 28, 2007
An enchanted traveler tickled my toes early on. I lived my first dozen years on the east coast, my second dozen in various cities on the west, and my third dozen-plus throughout other regions of the U.S.. (No, I’m not running from the law; I lack a crafty alias.)

My memory’s kaleidoscope rotates every place I've lived and, with age, embellishes certain cities more than others, shifting them into more vibrantly colored patterns, while dislocating others into shadow zones. Still others stay fixed in nostalgic wedges, neither colorful nor shaded, simply part of my distant past. The east coast nestles among my nostalgic ones.

The east coast always buzzes with energy and vivacious people; it houses major publishing houses as well as myriad small presses and others in between. New York, specifically, never sleeps. As our previous Blog reveals, The Big Apple hosts the Book Expo America at the end of this week.

In honor of my east coast heritage, aspiring writers, and a compassionate east coast editor, Jenine Killoran, I’m posting a workshop for Long Islanders or anyone traveling to the area soon. Although many of our readers can’t be in the area, you can check out Jenine's website, www.scbeginnings.com. You might find something you’ve been searching for, especially if you’re a new writer in need of a perk!

$125.00 TWO HOUR CLASSES includes one year subscription to Beginnings Publishing, Inc.

"The magazine for the novice writer since 1999"

Bayport area, Date to be announced. Please call or write for details!

"There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you."
-Maya Angelou

Jenine Killoran is the editor and publisher of Beginnings Publishing, a Writer's Digest award winning literary journal. Her fiction has been published numerous times in small presses, anthologies, and online writing sites. She has taught writing classes in many of the libraries here on Long Island, but her first love is her magazine, Beginnings, where she discovers and publishes new and talented writers three times a year.



WOW! said...

WOW! Way to go Jenine! Your workshop sounds wonderful and quite a deal. :-)

Also, your magazine is fantastic! Keep up the super work, we know great things are coming your way.

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