Get Your Book Seen & Sold by Claudine Wolk & Julie Murkette: Blog Tour & Giveaway

Monday, September 18, 2023


Get Your Book Seen and Sold by Claudine Wolk and Julie Murkette

I'm excited to share the launch of a blog tour with authors, Claudine Wolk and Julie Murkette. They share their expertise regarding publishing and marketing your book in Get Your Book Seen and Sold. It's a must-read for writers who have either published a book or hope to one day. It's an informative read wherever you are on your writing journey!

Join us as we celebrate the launch of their book! You'll have a chance to read an interview with the authors, learn more about her book, and win a copy of it for yourself.

First, here is more information about the book:

It is easier than ever to publish a book, but many authors find out too late about the actual work—the book marketing—that needs to be done to achieve sizable book sales. Instead of embracing the opportunities to promote their books, authors are intimidated and shut down. Those days are over. This is the book authors MUST HAVE to give their books the best chance to be seen and sold.  

In this essential, easy-to-read, and easy-to-understand guide, the author will work through the graphs, examples, and exercises in the book and learn:

  • The fundamentals of book marketing: Message, Audience, and Hook 
  • How the book marketing fundamentals effortlessly feed into every aspect of book marketing
  • The breadth of book marketing options and how book marketing works, with examples
  • How book distribution IS a crucial part of book marketing 
  • To develop an elevator pitch and a formal pitch to media contacts
  • To develop with a doable book marketing plan
  • To develop media kit items for their book publicity efforts: Press Release, Author Bio, etc.
  • The types of book reviews and how to get them
  • To create a list of media contacts and how to use them
  • To organize their new entrepreneurial business as book marketer/author
  • Ideas to “shake their tree” to develop unique book marketing opportunities 
  • To examine the best social media channels to promote their books
  • Where to put their book promotion dollars
  • Most importantly, authors will learn something priceless...the correct starting point!

Authors, You CAN do right by your book! Go on and reach the book buyers that you had in mind when wrote your treasured manuscript and get your book seen and sold today.

Publisher: Lost Valley Press (September 2023)
ISBN-10: 1935874446
ISBN-13: 978-1935874446
Print length: 122 pages

Purchase your copy on Amazon,, or Barnes and Noble. Make sure you add it to your GoodReads list too.

About the Authors, Claudine Wolk & Julie Murkette

Claudine Wolk and Julie Murkette are experienced in sharing their knowledge of the publishing industry to give books the BEST chance to be sold. Julie is the long-time owner of Satya House Publications, which published and marketed the award-winning I See the Sun series of books, among others. Claudine Wolk is a published author, journalist, podcast host and book marketing consultant. You can find her writing in her weekly newsletter on Substack: Get Your Book Seen and Sold. Her book, It Gets Easier and Other Lies We Tell New Mothers, (Harper Collins) is translated into three languages and was released as an audiobook (Nov. 2022).

Find Claudine online at:

Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: Congratulations on your book! What led you to want to write a book featuring tips for authors on getting their book sold?

Claudine: Thank you, Julie and I are so excited about the book.  The reason we HAD to write this book stemmed from our experience with authors when we were working together as book marketers (and editors). Again and again we would meet authors, many of whose books were already published, looking to promote and market their books. When we asked them about the pre-pub efforts to market their books, we got blank stares. It made us sad and frustrated to know that if these authors had known just a few things about book marketing before their book published—things like pre-pub reviews, setting their book up for pre-sale on several online outlets, catalog placement, notice to libraries, pitching to long and short lead media, to name a few—they would have had so much better luck with their book sales. We decided to remedy that situation with a fun, colorful, easy-to-understand guide for publishing and then for book marketing!

WOW: I think that's amazing you found a way to help authors with such a complicated part of the marketing process, especially when you are doing the marketing on your own as an author. What was the writing process like for you?

Claudine: Get Your Book Seen and Sold ripped right out of us. Once we took the time to decide the best way to organize the book, the writing came easily. In fact at 125 pages, its brevity is its strength. Many authors are scared to get started on book marketing for fear of the unknown. They are intimidated to learn what they think is a whole new language. While there are a few fundamentals to understand about book marketing, much of the most effective book marketing comes from using the same creativity that authors use to write! We simply explain book marketing and how it can work for an author and then provide exercises to get the author moving!

WOW: That is so amazing how it just flowed! Did you run into any challenges co-writing this with another writer?

Claudine: Julie and I have worked so well together on various projects. We co-edited Ruth Yaron's famous book, Super Baby Food, 3rd edition and worked on the accompanying, Super Baby Food Cookbook. We have promoted authors together on the floor of Book Expo America and co-authored countless press releases. For whatever reason, our styles click. Julie has her strengths and I have mine. I think the key to a good writing partnership is to trust where your partner has those strengths and give them freedom to shine in those areas. Julie and I also partner on marketing the book as I bet you could have guessed. That collaboration was easy because we had our own book to guide us!

WOW: What a blessing you found each other! What do you hope people walk away with by reading your book?

Claudine: Our hope that authors have a treasured writing resource on their shelves that they go to again and again to successfully promote their books. The book is our "love letter" to the authors, new or experienced, who are brave enough to get their message out there and reach their intended audiences. We also hope they complete the exercises in the book and keep it as a way to stay on track with their book marketing. The fundamentals of book marketing never change and an author can promote their book long after it is published. 

WOW: What a gift you've given authors! What do you think are the biggest challenges authors run into when marketing their book?

Claudine: First is fear. It is scary to put yourself out there, and when an author thinks of book marketing, they are thinking, Crap, people are actually going to read this! They will read my writing. They will see me.

Second is intimidation. Book marketing a whole new discipline. Most writers think of themselves as creators, not business people.

Third is financial. There are many ways to spend your money on promotion, and many are not reputable or effective.    

WOW: You hit the nail on the head! When is the right time to develop a marketing plan as an author?

Claudine: We believe that authors should start to think about their marketing plan as they write their book. Once the book is written, we suggest giving yourself a full year to create the book itself (editing, interior design, book cover) and to start to unroll your book marketing up until the book launches.

WOW: Lots of planning to anticipate for! What lessons have you learned through your writing journey that you can tell authors?

Claudine: I think the biggest lesson is for writers to trust their gut. It is not easy to put your writing out into the world. Sadly, the critics out there can be brutal, but the number of people that you actually help FAR outweigh the critics. Be brave and know that you are not alone. When you feel alone, google "mean book reviews" and you will know that you are not alone. Never let a few critics of your precious message away from the many who will benefit from your work. 

WOW: Who is this book right for?

Claudine: This book is for any author who wants to write, publish, and market a book and for existing authors who would like a refresher course on the fundamentals of book marketing. Not only is it a guide for an author to make the decision on how to publish, it provides the starting point for any good marketing plan. Once an author understands the publishing process and what is possible with book marketing, they can make good decisions that will help them to get their book seen and sold. 

WOW: That's awesome. For authors nervous about marketing, what advice would you give them?

Claudine: I would say to that author, "You cared so much about the message in your book, the story you want to tell, that you wrote a whole book about it! Your message deserves to be out in the world. Your book deserves the best chance to be seen and sold. Take some time to learn a few book marketing options, apply them faithfully and you will do right by your book!"

WOW: Absolutely! What are you working on next that you can tell us about?

Claudine: Ahhh, right now I am marketing my book by following all the advice in Get Your Book Seen and Sold. My Substack Newsletter / Podcast ( is growing and I am so excited to be reaching more authors who want to learn about book marketing from newsletters and podcast episodes with book marketing authors and industry experts. I also consult on book marketing as a coach and have a new online lesson coming out for purchase titled Begin: Write Your Book The Right Way where I partner with Kate Brenton. Kate and I combine "how to write" with "how to market" the book you have been meaning to write! I am practicing what I preach!

WOW: How cool! Best of luck on your journey, and can't wait to see what you come out with next.

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