Whispering Through Water by Rebecca Wenrich Wheeler: Blog Tour & Giveaway

Monday, January 09, 2023

We're back again with another blog tour! I'm excited to announce the blog tour launch of Whispering Through Water by Rebecca Wenrich Wheeler. This book is perfect for those who enjoy coming-of-age and multigenerational stories with surprises of nostalgic pop culture references. Celebrate with us as we interview the author and giveaway a copy of her book to one lucky reader! 

First, here's a bit about the book:

The coming-of-age story follows Gwyn Madison, the summer after her high school graduation, as she grapples with her fast-approaching future. She’ll have to face more than she bargained for with her Aunt Delia, the family matriarch, who holds the purse strings and the final word. In the meantime, Gwyn stumbles upon a tightly held family secret. Could a mysterious letter provide Gwyn the leverage she desires? Will it only bring more family division? Or, maybe, the past was never meant to stay buried after all. Whispering Through Water navigates family dynamics, young love, and female autonomy with a little 1990s nostalgia.

Publisher: Monarch Educational Services, L.L.C
ISBN-10: 1957656052
ISBN-13: 978-1957656052
Print length: 265 pages

Purchase a copy of Whispering Through Water on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Bookshop.org. You can also add this to your GoodReads reading list.

About the Author, Rebecca Wenrich Wheeler

Rebecca Wenrich Wheeler
Rebecca Wenrich Wheeler was raised in West Point, a small town in the Tidewater region of Virginia. From the moment she submitted her first short story to a young author’s contest in second grade, Rebecca knew she wanted to be a writer. Her love of writing led her to earn a BA in English and an MEd in English education. She spent several years as a high school teacher, during which she also developed a passion for mental health advocacy. Rebecca completed an MA in professional counseling and now works in the school-based mental health field and as a college adjunct psychology instructor. Rebecca also teaches yoga for the young and the young at heart, and she likes to infuse yoga and breathwork in her counseling practice wherever she can. 

She believes the most valuable use of her time is teaching youth how to love and care for each other and the world around them. Her stories share her focus on positive relationships and a love of nature. Rebecca now lives in Durham, North Carolina, with her husband, two children, and two spoiled Siamese cats.

Whispering Through Water is her first YA novel and second book. Her picture book When Daddy Shows Me the Sky was released November 2021. You can follow Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccawwheeler_author and www.rebeccawwheeler.com.

--- Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: First of all, congratulations on your book! From first draft to final draft, what kind of major changes happened throughout the writing process? Did you know the ending before you wrote it? 

Rebecca: Yes! When I write novels, I start with the climax and the ending, and then figure out how to get there. I actually wrote the climax early on in the drafting (when Aunt Delia kicks out Gwyn), so I could properly pace how to arrive at that moment. 

WOW: What a wonderful approach! I love that you threw in 90s nostalgia in this book. Why that era? 

Rebecca: Ultimately Delia’s timeline guided the story. The majority of the maternity homes in the US closed after 1973, which required Delia to be a teen in a previous decade. I wanted Gwyn to discover the truth about her aunt, and the 1990s was a perfect decade. Set in 1998, a time on the cusp of a technology explosion, when youth, especially young women, were experiencing the benefits of the women’s movement fought for by their mothers and grandmothers. Women from Gen X forward experienced a different life of opportunity than previous generations, and those differences are interesting to explore. Plus I was a teen in the late 90s, and it was fun to pull in elements that I experienced first-hand. 

WOW: That must have been fun to draw in those previously lived elements! You depicted the family drama so well in this book. How did you manage to do that so successfully? 

Rebecca: During my counseling masters program, we were taught how to ask questions in order for our clients to arrive at their own truth and process their stories. I ask those same questions of my characters. In my head, I have entire backstories written for my Whispering Through Water characters, in particular Aunt Delia and Uncle Beckett. Understanding their backstories helps me write their present story. Even though I doubt there will ever be a sequel to this book, in my mind I know how Gwyn and Isaac’s relationship play out. I treat the characters as though they are real people. 

WOW: That's wonderful you use your own experience as a counselor to craft your characters. I also love that you have a passion for promoting mental health. How does that passion enter into the stories you tell? 

Rebecca: That passion seems to infuse itself in my work without me really intending to! Everyone has a story, and each story is worth telling. Humans love labels and putting people into boxes, because that makes handling our world easier. But, such labels also cause us to make assumptions and misjudge others. For me, promoting mental health requires also promoting empathy. Empathy takes practice, but our lives depend on it. 

WOW: I completely agree! From first draft to final draft, what kind of major changes happened throughout the writing process? 

Rebecca: I finished revising a draft in 2013 then put it away for years. I picked it up again in 2021. (The reason I shelved it—I received the following response from an editor: “No one wants to read about the 90s.” Well, I thought, not yet anyway. So much happened in those 8 years that gave the book concept new life, including the interest in home genetics testing, and well, all things 90s fashion!). 

When I re-read my draft in 2021, Delia did not read as the sympathetic character I intended her to be. I rewrote the relationships in her backstory, so she could become who I envisioned in my mind. 

WOW: Time seemed to give you some great perspective and opportunity. What are you working on now that you can tell us about? 

Rebecca: My second picture book, When Mama Grows with Me, will be released Spring 2023 from Belle Isle Books. When Daddy Shows Me the Sky was released November 19, 2021. 

I have a middle-grade novel about halfway complete called Fencepost Friends Marguerite:

“Rite” Livingood always had a knack for making friends and solving problems, but when she meets the new kid, Tanner, she starts to question her abilities. 

I have a YA novel about halfway complete called Jolie Undivided

The day after witnessing a murder live on the evening news, Jolie Fransen, a sixteen-year-old high school junior, lands herself in the counselor’s office for the second time in recent weeks. She had lashed out at a fellow classmate, which only did more to fuel her parents’ concerns about Jolie. At school Jolie prefers to fade into the background, a sharp contrast to the attention she receives from her father’s large congregation in central North Carolina. Unpredictable circumstances push Jolie unwillingly into the limelight as she discovers her parents' lives intersect with the convicted murderer. She must learn to embrace friendship, love, and the inevitable changes that occur when truth is revealed. 

WOW: How interesting! What advice would you want your teenage self to hear about writing and publishing? 

Rebecca: I know my teenage self would be proud of me now. I would tell her to have confidence in her voice, and do those things that scare her. That lack of confidence I had in my voice in my teens and 20s, did delay me on this path. I quite literally had to get out of my own way and submit my work despite the inner critic.

WOW: Confidence has a huge impact on your life as a writer. Congratulations again on your book and enjoy the tour!

Whispering Through Water blog tour

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Angela Mackintosh said...

Excellent interview! As a Gen X-er, I love that your book is set in the 90s. :) It's so inspiring to hear about all your projects and how you picked up writing your book again after eight years! Good luck on your tour. It looks like a great one! :)

Andrea said...

I can't believe how many projects you're working on! I have trouble concentrating just two. I wish you luck on your tour and after.

Doreen Lamoureux said...

This sounds amazing. Love getting lost in a book. Winter reading is my favorite.

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I like the summary of the story! Love family secrets that see the light

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Love to win a book for my winter reading.

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After reading the book excerpt- i would enjoy reading this book-thanks

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I enjoy reading books with interesting characters and Secrets.

Emily said...

There needs to be more young adult fiction available.

Antoinette M said...

I loved the interview. I cannot wait to read this book!

Rebecca W Wheeler said...

Thank you all for your encouraging words. I hope you enjoy the book! I would love to connect with readers on socials too!

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I would love to read this. Regine

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