A Wingman for Christmas by Barbara Barth: Blog Tour & Giveaway

Monday, November 28, 2022
With the holiday season around the corner, a cozy Christmas read is just what we need to get into the spirit of the season! Author Barbara Barth has just released her novella A Wingman for Christmas and it's a must-read for Christmas!

First, here's a bit about her novel:

The annual Sweet Water, Georgia, Christmas parade is nearing but relationships are fractured on Wild Rose Lane. Antique dealer Cheryl Calloway's holiday spirit has tanked. It's been a horrible year with her divorce, her ex marrying younger and perkier Miriam across the street, and Mama moving into Cheryl's Victorian cottage with her Amazon parrot right before Thanksgiving. A party girl in her eighties, Mama smokes up a storm, likes her nightly vodka, has a hankering for men, and now a wingman named Nigel. If that isn't enough, the Historical Society wants Cheryl to clean up all the projects on her porch waiting to go to Spivey's Antique Mall for their Christmas Open House. Her desire to work her booth is as dead as her marriage. Miriam, President of the Historical Society, chastises her, "If it ain't pretty don't put it on the porch." Then there's Alice, her strange neighbor with the six-foot fluorescent light bulb cross nailed to the huge Magnolia tree in the middle of her rose garden. Alice watches all the neighbors too closely. Just when Cheryl thinks things can't get worse, an incident shakes her to the core, and a mystery follows revealing family secrets long forgotten. Cheryl wants to believe in miracles and love again, and Dr. James may just be the man of her dreams as he helps her and Mama sort things out.

Filled with quirky characters, mystery, family secrets, and sweet love, all set in a hot Georgia small town.

Publisher: Gilbert Street Press
ISBN-10: 0983171599
ISBN-13: 978-0983171599
Print length: 198 pages

Purchase a copy of the book on Amazon. You can also add it to your GoodReads reading list.

About the Author, Barbara Barth

Barbara Barth turned to writing and adopting dogs to heal after her husband died fourteen years ago. Known as ‘Writer With Dogs’, Barth currently lives with four Chihuahuas in a charming town forty miles outside of Atlanta. She is Literary Arts Chair at a small art center where she promotes writing activities, author events, book launches, and hosts an online group Walton Writers. Inspired by the wonderful artists around her, Barth started painting and has won several awards with her whimsical art. Her books are available on Amazon. Visit her Instagram page Barbara Barth Studio. You can also check out her website.
---- Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: First of all, congratulations on your book A Wingman for Christmas! I have to say that I love it and already finished it! What inspired this book? 

Barbara: I started this book back in 2016 after I lost my mother. A few memories of her and her exotic pets made it into my last memoir The Unfaithful Widow Ten Years Later. I felt magic writing about her. Every year since I pulled out my little novella and worked on it but just couldn’t get it completed for the holiday season. This year I made a vow to finish it. The story is fiction but the love between Mama and Cheryl is as real as can be. 

WOW: It really is! Their relationship felt so real to me. I'm so glad to have you back with us for another tour at WOW! It's been a few years since you last toured with us. How has everything been for you and how has writing been? 

Barbara: I think sometimes I border on crazy. Made two big moves in three years, uprooting, and selling two houses. And with my antiques, art, and dogs, it was no easy task. I live in a wonderful house in Monroe, Georgia, now (about 40 miles east of Atlanta). I’m on the Board of the Monroe-Walton Center for The Arts as their Literary Arts Chair and plan writing events. Everyone should check out their web page https://www.monroewaltonarts.org/. It is an amazing place to reach out to the local community with so many classes and programs, along with art exhibits. I am blessed to be a part of such an amazing group. My dog numbers have changed as I’ve lost several dear ones. I call myself Chihuahua Mama now as I’ve downsized to small dogs as big ones crossed the rainbow bridge. My six-pack has only four members now. But that is subject to change. And you’ll still find me as Writer With Dogs on many sites. 

WOW: I think a dog mom remains a dog mom forever! I love all the quirky characters in this book. How did manage to capture them so uniquely? 

Barbara: This sounds cliché, but the characters revealed themselves as I wrote about them. I had no idea where this story would take me. Inspired by two things, a southern phrase someone said to me some years ago, “If it ain’t pretty don’t put it on the porch” and a story about my mother and her Amazon parrot from her early days in St. Augustine. Mother’s parrot got off the balcony while mother was in her shop below her apartment. The bird was gone for several days and then reappeared strutting down Aviles Street. A grand reunion. I always loved that story. While I grew up in central Florida (and born in NY) I’m not exactly southern. But these characters came to me and we fell in love. 

WOW: What a charming story! You are quite the artist by the way! Does your artistic work inspire your writing at all? 

Barbara: Thanks for the compliment. Art has always been a passion. I used to sell Victorian and vintage art in the early days on eBay. My personal art collection is full of old oil paintings of women in the garden, holding flowers, and their pets. When I decided to paint, my subject matter was the same as the art I love. My paintings are full of whimsy, color, and are happy and fun. Sometimes I sell them but I am attached to many, especially if there is a face that I feel a kinship with. Needless to say there is never enough wall space for me. Art is stacked all around my house and I like that. A bit bohemian. I’m hoping my paintings will inspire a children’s book. I have a sweet little mouse I paint and she has a story to tell. 

WOW: I would LOVE to see you write a children's book! Why did you decide to self-publish? 

Barbara: My first experience was with a vanity press. The memoir design was lovely but I discovered a glitch. I used their free ISBN, so while the story was mine they owned the PDF. That was back in 2010 and self-publishing still had a stigma. My how times have changed. So many self-publish these days and it is a great platform to get your story out to the public. I’ve even read that The New York Times features a bestseller list for eBooks complied from sales reported by Amazon and other distributors. 

I love the control of self-publishing. I publish under my imprint Gilbert Street Press and we have a few authors under it, too. My ego would love to say a publishing house is tracking me down, but reality is I am happy doing my own thing. I do like to kid I’m not looking for a publisher, just a Hallmark movie. Nigel is ready to talk a deal. HaHa. One can always have a dream! 

WOW: That's so cool you started your own press! And you know, you never know about a publishing house trying to find you! The art on the cover was adorable! Who did the art and did you work with them on it? 

Barbara: The magic in all my books is created by my sister Pam. She formats the interiors, designs the cover art, and loads it up to Amazon and Kindle. She and I started working together with my second book. I pay her for her expertise, although I may get a tiny family discount. I want to keep it professional since she also has other clients. Her web is in the process of being redesigned but you can still visit it https://pdkingdesign.com/. It is a wonderful experience to work with her. I have complete trust in her talent. 

We discuss what I want, then she knows how to make it happen. She is a perfectionist. When I tell her I like something, she’ll say it’s not quite done, and then comes up with something awesome. The first cover draft was lovely, but she wasn’t happy with it. “I haven’t caputrued Nigel’s personality.” The next thing I knew, she brought Nigel to life in full color. He steals the cover just like in the novella. Pam has spoiled me. You can bet she’s stuck with me for life! And not just as my sister.

WOW: What an amazing duo you both are together! I'm so glad that others will have the chance to read this wonderful book. Best of luck on your tour! 

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Sue Bradford Edwards said...

What a fun interview! Looking forward to my day to post.

Laurie said...

I loved learning more about A Wingman for Christmas and Barbara! Thank you for sharing the interview, and the opportunity to win a copy of the book!

Angela Mackintosh said...

Such a great interview! :) Barbara, I loved your last book, The Unfaithful Widow Ten Years Later, and I'm looking forward to reading your latest. Your writing style is so refreshing and I always feel encouraged and uplifted after reading your work. Good luck on your tour! It looks like a fun one. :)

Barbara Barth said...

Thanks so much, Sue!

Barbara Barth said...

Thanks for reading! Love my blog tours with WOW!

Barbara Barth said...

Angela, thanks for your lovely comments. Made my heart happy!

Jackie Rod said...

I enjoyed the interview with WOW. I loved that you began the tour on my birthday. A Wingman for Christmas is a delightful read. Hubby and I read it over morning coffee. Two days of joyful humor. No wonder we are besties!

Kate said...

My Chihuahua (Chico) and I look forward to this new reading adventure!

Barbara Barth said...

Jackie, how did I miss your birthday! Thanks for all your wonderful support. Looking to see your book on tour here, too.

Barbara Barth said...

I had a little Chihuahua named Chico, an owner surrender that I brought home from a local shelter. Changed his name to Studly since he was quite the ladies man with my female dogs. Love those Chihuahuas! Hope you enjoy my book.

Dale Steele Nicolov said...

Did not hear your interview but love to read new books and share with others.I also had a little chihuahua named Belle.A friend of ours was visiting one day showing off all the tricks her dog could do. Our boys said Belle did one trick really well.They said beg Belle beg and she jumped up on her hind legs and danced around panting with her tongue out. It was the funniest thing .Great family memory.Good luck on your tour!

kywave said...

I love a senior party girl!! We are only as old as we feel inside

. Heather Swanson said...

Love to win this cozy Christmas read.

TRIPPER2365 said...

This looks like a fun book.

dlhaley said...

Thanks for the chance to win this book.

Barbara Barth said...

Belle sounds very talented. Thanks for sharing your story. I always had big dogs but my first Chihuahua Chloe stole my heart and now I'm all Chihuahuas. Hope you will enjoy my book.

Barbara Barth said...

My mother was much more exciting than I am! A great inspiration in real life.

Barbara Barth said...

Good luck in the drawing!

Barbara Barth said...

Thanks for commenting! And entering to win.

Theresa C. said...

Can't wait to read this! Such a unique plot - and love that you work with your sister - well done both of you :)

Lori Padgett said...

Sounds like a great novel. If I'm not the lucky winner I'll check for in in my local bookstore.

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