She Rested

Sunday, April 17, 2022


Where's Crystal? 

Just like her beautiful daughter
in this picture...she's in bed. 


Most of you reading this are a lot like me - we are busy women who wear many hats. Some of us our writers, some readers, some mothers, daughters, friends, business people, employees, cooks, managers of households, etc...

If we are honest with ourselves, we are all tired. Tired of being busy. Tired of being in charge of everything. Tired of long days at the office. Tired of trying to juggle the have to things with what we want to do. The list goes on.

My problem has always been my inability to give myself the same type of grace I give others. If a friend says she's tired, I'll drop off a meal, a cup of tea, some bath bombs, and I'll suggest she take a nap while I watch the kids. If a friend says she has too much work, I'll offer to help and suggest she take a walk or a break. When I'm tired, there's a little voice in my head that says "don't be lazy. Get up and do the things. You can rest when you're dead." I wish I knew where that voice came from, but as I can't change the past, I try very hard to ignore that voice and rewrite my current script.

Here's what I tell myself:

*rest is good for the body and the mind; you'll be better equipped to do everything once you rest a bit

*you aren't lazy, you are tired and that's part of being human

*enjoy a nice rest and it will be easier to look at things in a positive light once you feel renewed

*you can't help everyone else if you get sick - rest will help you have a strong immune system

So today - it's Monday and I'm resting. Not that I need a reason, but I'm allowing myself to rest because in the last week I've cleaned church 4 times, played the organ for 3 different church services, created 4 church bulletins and a newsletter, colored eggs, organized a scavenger hunt, filled easter baskets, decorated cookies, made 2 big meals for groups of 9 and 11, organized and prepared the breakfast at church, checked in several homebound friends, given dozens of hugs, and somewhere in there managed to milk some cows, ride some horses, do lots and lots of laundry, pay some bills including an overdraft fee, and then to top things off our roof came off our barn (again) in a wind storm the same day as my dear friend went to the ER. 

My body is tired, my mind has been spinning, and my emotions need a reset. I am not lazy or depressed. I am not overwhelmed or incompetent. I am simply resting because it is oh so good for my creativity, my mind, and really all aspects of my well-being. 

When is the last time you allowed yourself to rest? What is stopping you from resting and resetting? 

As our time together comes to an end, let me ask you:

What could you say to yourself that would help you rest when you become weary?

What are some ways resting has helped you personally and professionally?

Since I never leave the farm - tell me about something exciting happening in your life! Do you celebrate Easter? What does Easter or Springtime look like for you?

 Share your answers as a comment on this post!



About Today's Author:

Crystal is a foodie, farmer, and friend! She has 6 children and lots of special young people who call her "mom" even if she isn't 'their' mom! She starts each day sipping coffee and milking cows with the love of her life and occasionally ends the day with a glass of wine.  Crystal is raising kids and cattle while juggling cleaning jobs, bartending shifts, music gigs, her job as office manger and she escapes reality a few hours each week riding horses and reading books (not simultaneously)! And who knows, she may start blogging again sometime soon:

In the meantime, you can find her posting pics of food, cattle, and more on Instagram and Facebook


Sarah said...

God bless you Crystal, you are a wonderful soul!

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