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Monday, October 26, 2020
Yoga Pose

2020 has been a challenge for us all both physically and mentally. Prioritizing health has never been more important, and today we are so excited to talk with the founder of Yoga Pose. It's the largest free digital library of yoga poses, searchable by symptoms. (P.S. You can even use search terms such as depression, stress, anxiety, and more!) The website lists all the poses to soothe that related symptom and each pose includes an easy-to-follow Yoga pose video and medical information. 

If you want to find out more information, visit

Cindy Rogers, Yoga Pose Founder

Today, I am so excited to interview the founder of, Cindy Rogers. She has an incredible journey overcoming some physical and mental health issues using yoga. She is an absolute inspiration! Plus, we are giving away a month of yoga and one item from their store to one lucky reader. 

--- Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: First, tell us a little bit about yourself and your yoga journey. 

Cindy: My name is Cindy Rogers and I am the co-founder of Yoga Pose, along with my son, Cobb. Yoga is part of my toolbox for everyday life. I found yoga after a lifetime of addiction and mental health struggles, what began as rehabilitation for an injury turned into a daily ritual that helps me reflect and settle. I meditate, I practice yoga, I spend a lot of time outside, walking and hiking. This form of self-therapy has helped me overcome so many of the mental health struggles that had played such a huge part of my life. 

WOW: I think that's so amazing! How did you come to find yoga? 

Cindy: I always had an affinity for fitness. But, for body building and heavy weights. Everything was always about doing more. It was for how I wanted to look, not how I wanted to feel. I discovered yoga while recovering from an injury that left me almost paralyzed and unable to walk. I started to practice yoga as a form of rehabilitation which led to so much more. I found that, outside of the physical benefits of my practice (I can walk again!), my mind—for the first time in my life—is at ease. The combination of yoga and meditation has soothed so many of the things that once disturbed me, including addiction and anxiety. Now, I continue to practice everyday, purely for the mental benefits. I really strongly believe that if yoga can help me overcome a lifetime of illness and demons, that yoga should be accessible and made available for anyone who is in need of help.

"I discovered yoga while recovering from an injury that left me almost paralyzed and unable to walk. I started to practice yoga as a form of rehabilitation which led to so much more."

WOW: You are such an inspiration. So, I was shocked to read that you were left paralyzed and unable to walk after a horse-related injury! It seems like you've had a complete turn around! Can you tell me about that recovery process and how yoga came into play?

Cindy: Yes, I actually was bucked off of a horse at our farm in Georgia. The fall caused major pain until eventually I just couldn’t manage. I was taking pain medication consistently and that didn’t help my addiction. I was traveling, when I just couldn’t walk. I lost all mobility and was in so much pain. I had to fly home and undergo major, life altering surgery. There was no certainty that I would be able to walk again. After the surgery, yoga became part of my recovery story. I started to understand how the movements impacted each part of my body. I incorporated meditation in the process. The recovery was grueling, but it unlocked mental capabilities and a calmness that I now use every day, even though I am entirely recovered. 

WOW: It's absolutely unbelievable what yoga uncovered for you!  You mention on your website that yoga helped you with your mental health. Why do you think that is? 

Cindy: Yoga is, in itself, a form of therapy. The awareness of your body and mind, working together is proven to lower stress and help with anxiety. I think it was a combination of the ancient practice of yoga, and the daily ritual that came with yoga. For the first time in a long time, I had a steady routine and prioritized a healthy form of self care. This is part of my own personal “tool box” that I return to whenever I feel stressed or overwhelmed. I never go without it. 

"Yoga is, in itself, a form of therapy. The awareness of your body and mind, working together is proven to lower stress and help with anxiety."

WOW: How inspiring! 2020 has been some kind of year and has had a huge impact on all of us, physically and mentally. What advice do you have for people who want to do more to take care of their mental health?

Cindy: My most important recommendation is to prioritize self care. Establish a routine where you set aside everything that is not positive. Reflect internally and take a dedicated amount of time to just be. For me, this looks like early mornings, I light a few candles, meditate and practice yoga. Then I go about my day knowing that I am whole and I have done my “work.” I cannot emphasize enough how important this is for everyone. 

WOW: That ritual sounds so calming. So, how does Yoga Pose work? And who is it for? 

Cindy: Yoga Pose is a free online resource that makes yoga entirely accessible so that people can add the practice to their own personal toolbox, to help them through whatever they are dealing with. We publish daily content that is very health focused, concentrating on how yoga can help various mental and physical illnesses or conditions. We also have this comprehensive library of yoga poses that you can search by illness or symptom. We explain the benefits of each pose, conditions it helps, a tutorial and video how-to, all medically researched. We’ve just launched classes too, so you can tune in to one of our certified yoga instructors and take a class specific to you. It’s so important for us that yoga is accessible for everyone. This includes all different races, skill levels, body types. Our site consciously represents all different types of people, we want to make yoga welcoming to all.

WOW: I took a look at the site myself and I LOVE how clear it is and how it walks you through every pose. So, ff someone is new to yoga, how should they get started on Yoga Pose? 

Cindy: Well, first of all, visit our site,, and absorb some of the content! Sign up for our newsletter on the site and you’ll receive updates and new articles. Start practicing yoga by taking one of our classes. Then, use our pose profiles for reference if you are struggling with any of the individual moves. If you’re feeling a certain ache or managing with a certain illness, search it on our site and find yoga poses that will actually help you! 

WOW: The search feature is absolutely my favorite part! For the person who is unsure if yoga is right for them, what would you say?

Cindy: Just start! Yoga brings an arsenal of benefits - from mental health to physical fitness and social support! Yoga creates a community that can lift you up, so if you are reaching for a simple solution, I encourage you to just start yoga!

WOW: Thank you so much for talking with us today! 

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Angela Mackintosh said...

This is such an inspiring interview! Cindy, thank you so much for sharing your story. What an incredible journey, and I truly believe in yoga for healing. I'm going to be using YogaPose throughout November for National Novel Writing Month! I've participated in NaNoWriMo the past two years, and the only way I've been able to stay motivated is by getting active between long computer sessions, and that means trail running and yoga. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway and for all the fantastic resources you have on your site! :)

Jeanine DeHoney said...

Great interview Nicole. Cindy, it was so inspiring to read about your yoga journey and how you were healed physically and emotionally.

scarlette10 said...

I am not very good at yoga so up the wall at bedtime is my fav pose

Edye Nicole said...

I like a downward dog!


COREY said...


Sally PW said...

I used to do yoga a lot when I was younger but then had a dodgy knee which prevented me from doing many of the poses. Now I’ve had a knee replacement I am going to try to get back into it. Thanks for your inspirational story, I shall go to the website and investigate. Thanks

elizabeth miller said...

So, I am really entering for my teen who took up yoga during the shut down and has been doing yoga and aerobics and pilates for over 2 hours a day faithfully since the shut down 8 months ago so I had to ask her her favorite pose and she said the childs play. she says it is so relaxing she loves it.

J Renee W said...

I love yoga. My favorite pose is the side plank.

jennifer57 said...

I love yoga and still learning every day. My favorite pose is childs pose.

Linda said...

I have been wanting to try yoga. Thank you for this article. I signed up for the newsletter.

Melissa said...

I'm still getting into yoga, but feel most comfortable in warrior pose. Would love to try this!

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