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Monday, June 08, 2020
Having fled the testosterone-soaked world of professional sport fishing, thirty-something RayAnne Dahl is navigating a new job as a consultant for the first all-women talk show about fishing on public television (or, as one viewer’s husband puts it, “Oprah in a boat”). After the host bails, RayAnne lands in front of the camera and out of her depth at the helm of the show. Is she up for the challenge? Meanwhile, her family proves as high-maintenance as her fixer-upper house and her clingy rescue dog. Her dad, star of the one-season Big Rick’s Bass Bonanza, is on his sixth wife and falling off the wagon and into RayAnne’s career path; her mother, a new-age aging coach for the menopausal rich, provides endless unwanted advice; and her beloved grandmother Dot—whose advice RayAnne needs—is far away and far from well.

But as RayAnne says, “I’m a woman, I fish. Deal with it.” And just when things seem to be coming together—the show is an unlikely hit; she receives the admiration of a handsome sponsor (out of bounds as he is, but definitely in the wings); ungainly house and dog are finally in hand—RayAnne’s world suddenly threatens to capsize, and she’s faced with a gut-wrenching situation and a heartbreaking decision.

First published in 2015 under a pseudonym, this first installment in a trilogy filled with hilarity and heartbreak unspools with the gentle wit and irresistible charm that readers of Sarah Stonich have come to expect. Fishing! eases us into unsuspected depths as it approaches the essential question . . . when should life be steered by the heart, not the rules?

Print Length: 280 Pages
Genre: Women's Fiction
ISBN-10: 1517908981
ISBN-13: 9781517908980
ASIN: B085LZ4324

Fishing! is available to purchase at AmazonBarnes and Noble or You can also add this book to your reading list over at GoodReads.

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Praise for Fishing!

You'll wish you could spend an afternoon fishing with RayAnne, but diving into this witty, charming novel is the next best thing." —Sarah Pekkanen, author of Things You Won’t Say

"Poignant and honest, funny and wise . . . a novel to cherish. Populated with authentic and engaging characters, written with style and ease, this novel taught me that happiness can be found down unexpected paths, and that the meaning of life exists in the simplest of things. I loved every moment I spent with this delightfully witty, refreshingly progressive read."—Marissa Stapley, author of Mating for Life

"A lighthearted, comedic novel for women that isn’t all about landing a man (fishing pun intended)." —Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Told in spot-on, often hilarious dialogue that brings these nice people to lively, lovely life." —St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Recommended for readers who appreciate female characters, family drama, an absorbing sense of place, and, of course, fishing." —Library Journal

About the Author, Sarah Stonich

Sarah’s first novel, These Granite Islands was awarded a Loft McKnight Award and was a Barnes & Noble Great New Writers pick. That novel was translated into eleven languages. Her second, The Ice Chorus, was also widely translated and won several honors. Her memoir Shelter: Off The Grid In The Mostly Magnetic North won a Northeast Minnesota Book Award.

Sarah is best known for her Northern Trilogy, beginning with Vacationland, followed by Laurentian Divide, winner of the 2019 Minnesota Book Award and the NEMBA award, as well as being a 2019 National Reading Group Month selection by National Women’s Book Association. In March/April 2020, WPRI, Wisconsin Public Radio International’s longest running program, Chapter A Day chose Laurentian Divide to be read on air by Jim Flemming. That novel won the Minnesota Book Award, and along with Vacationland, has been chosen as a community read in two dozen midwestern and Canadian cities including most recently in Willmar, Inver Grove Heights, Grand Forks, and Thunder Bay. She’s currently researching and writing Watershed, the final volume of the Northern Trilogy.

Fishing!,the first installment of her feminist chick-lit Fishing With RayAnne trilogy published by the University of Minnesota Press in March of 2020, is to be followed by Reeling in 2021. Sarah is currently working on Leaping and hopes to see it published in 2022. Sarah is adapting the trilogy to a television series, as well as writing original screenplays.

You can follow her online at:

Twitter: @sarahstonich
Instagram: sarahstonichwriter

--- Interview by Nicole Pyles

WOW: First of all, congratulations on your book Fishing!. What inspired you to write this book?

Sarah: My character RayAnne wears a t-shirt that says 'I'm a woman, I fish. Deal with it.' I wanted to break stereotypes about sportswomen and write a story where women's interactions aren't in urban settings or centered around shopping or going out to brunch or dating - and maybe this is a timely book because it's not like we can do any of those things at this Covid moment! Getting out in nature IS something we can do. I hope more women find the value in that.

WOW: I hope so too! You have a quote on your website that I absolutely love. You say, "Once I plot a story and begin, the characters own it. When they pull me along to places where I'm unsure what might happen next, I know I'm writing." Can you tell me a little bit about your writing process and how you get to the point of the characters owning the story?

Sarah: I think the challenge is to create complex enough characters that their personalities and strengths (and weaknesses) began to dictate their actions. Fishing! has four very distinct characters from different generations. While I have a good idea what needs to happen to move a story forward, the experience of writing six novels has taught me the value of giving up control and getting out of my own way, which allows things to unfold more naturally, and makes room for characters to surprise me.

WOW: Oh I completely agree! I couldn't help but smile at one of your reviews that said this was a novel for women that wasn't all about landing a man. I love it! What do you hope readers take away from reading this book?

Sarah: The value of our female relationships. There are so many important girls and women we meet along the journey that help form us, yet society lays more value on that one romantic relationship that leads to commitment; the holy grail of marriage and having kids. But life isn't a one-size-fits all, and while Rom-Com dynamics do exist in Fishing! they don't drive it. This first volume in the RayAnne trilogy introduces her as she's navigating the broader world after years in the nearly tribal male environment of pro-sport fishing. Trying to build her best life with not all the blocks in place while navigating a new career gives RayAnne a new appreciation for women who lift each other up.

WOW: I think that sounds amazing. You have an awesome author photo that showcases to me your love of fishing and the outdoors. How much of your own love of fishing and outdoors play into writing this book?

Sarah: I love being near water - it's very grounding for me

WOW: What makes this book different from the others you have written?

Sarah: Fishing! couldn't be more different than my other novels. For one thing it's written specifically with women in mind. We've had a lot of setbacks lately - that the battle for equality is still being fought in 2020 is crazy to me. This book is for those that have fought the good fight for decades and those young women that maybe hadn't expected they'd have to become warriors just to hang on to their basic rights. But here we are, all in it together.

WOW: I love that message and it really resonates in this time period for sure. What are you working on next? What can we look forward to from you?

Sarah: I should say Fishing! is the first in a trilogy, launching RayAnne into the world. I've just finished the second installment, Reeling in which she and Cassi take the show on the road to New Zealand where she navigates an entirely new landscape; meets a lot of amazing women and comes to terms with a few realities (I can't be too specific, because spoilers!) I'm about to start writing Leaping the third and final book in the Trilogy. RayAnne Dahl isn't going away anytime soon.

WOW: I can't wait! Thank you so much for your time and I look forward to this tour!

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Sioux Roslawski said...

Nicole--Thanks for doing this interview and setting up the giveaway and tour.

Sarah--I totally agree. Fiction is not usually my thing. However, my most recently finished manuscript IS fiction, and at some point, the main character took over. Plot events happened that were unplanned and unthought of by me. It was strange, but releasing control of a story to a fictional character was invigorating.

Good luck on your final book in this trilogy. It sounds like a great series.

Kimberlee Esselstrom said...

Can't wait to begin this trilogy and learn more about Sarah Stonich. Although I live in Florida, I have deep Wisconsin/Minnesota roots. Living near water makes me happy. I'm heading over to Amazon right now to buy a copy of Fishing! Great interview. 😀

Angela Mackintosh said...

I love what you said about the value of female friendships. And I agree, we've all had to become warriors. Fishing! sounds like such a fun read. Thank you for the inspiring interview, and good luck on your tour! :)

Tabby72 said...

This sounds like a great novel, and I love that you are introducing us to the world of fishing and also include strong female relationships! Thanks!

TRIPPER2365 said...

Sounds like a good read I will pick up a copy when I go to town.

Edye Nicole said...

what is your favorite cookie?

email: mia2009(at)comcast(dot)net

Antoinette M said...

Glad to hear this is the first in a trilogy! Thank you.

Wanda B said...

I love fishing but don't get out very often.

lilyk said...

This book looks very interesting. Thanks for sharing!

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