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Sunday, October 30, 2016
If you're a blogger who subscribes to The Muffin, you may be the perfect fit for this position!

Margo recently posted a poll on Facebook of what writers/readers would like to see on The Muffin. (If you get a chance, we would love your opinion!) As she writes at the top of the poll, "we have several bloggers who have been blogging for YEARS on our site, The Muffin" - and it's true! Our bloggers have shared the ups and downs of their writing careers over the years, their personal experiences in the industry, what inspires them to write, their publication successes, their rejections, and more. Our bloggers continue to engage and motivate their fellow writers, and we've gotten to know them intimately throughout the years.

We are looking for a writer who is motivated and active in the writing community. Someone who isn't afraid to share her personal experiences in the writing/publishing industry and wants to help fellow writers.

Posts are roughly 500 words, and can be about anything you'd like to write about, as long as it's helpful to writers.

Some of the topics we cover are:
  • How-tos on a variety of writerly topics (how to query, how to write a scene, how to organize your home office, etc.)
  • In the trenches stories (your experiences or other writers' experiences in the publishing industry, as a freelancer, etc.)
  • Inspirational writing advice or reading (no straight book reviews unless it's tied to a writing lesson or you are assigned a specific book to review)
  • Interviews with authors/agents/editors/publishers (these types of posts are usually assigned and pay more)
  • Author platform and book marketing advice
  • Listicles related to writing/marketing/publishing
  • Balancing life and writing, the writer's life, etc.
  • Creativity posts (writing prompts, exercises to boost creativity)
  • Event coverage (writing conferences, festivals, retreats, literary events)
  • Market profiles (how to write for a paying magazine or website)
  • & more!

How it works: If you are chosen, you will be added to a Google calendar and entered into the blog's posting rotation. You are responsible for writing, proofreading, choosing an image and scheduling your post to publish on the day that you are assigned. We publish in the early morning, typically between 12:30am and 4am PST, and that's why we call it The Muffin. The Muffin is meant to be read with your morning coffee, tea, or juice. :) At the end of the month, you'd send an invoice via PayPal for all the posts you've written during the month. Please note, we do not issue checks any longer. The Muffin currently pays $10 per post you come up with yourself, and more for special assignments like interviews ($15-$40, depending on the interviewee) or assigned book reviews ($20). All posts are roughly around 500 words, give or take, but interviews tend to run longer. Candidate would post at least twice a month.

The Muffin has roughly 36,000+ pageviews a month, over 1,000 email subscribers and a few hundred blogger followers. We promote posts heavily on our social networks (Facebook & Twitter), as well as in our email newsletters that go out to subscribers to our main site (WOW! Women On Writing, over 38,000 email subscribers).

Apply: If you'd like to join our team, focus on your writing career, and help other writers, please e-mail us at (both blog manager Marcia Peterson, and publisher Angela Mackintosh will receive the application). In your email:
  • Tell us why you'd like to write for The Muffin and where you are headed with your writing career. 
  • Please link to a few sample blog posts you've written (if you write for other blogs) or link to your own blog's URL.
  • Include your bio.
  • Provide us with a few possible headlines of posts you'd like to write. You don't have to pitch the entire post, just share a few sample titles. Get creative. Since this position requires the writer to manage her own posts, it's important to know what you're interested in writing about.

Deadline for applications is November 15, 2016. We may close it earlier if we find the right candidate(s).

We look forward to hearing from you!


Sioux Roslawski said...

Angela--This sounds like a great opportunity.

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