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Monday, September 26, 2016
My Name is Wonder is a tale of adventure that will have you thinking from the first page until well after you’ve closed the book. This beautifully written novel chronicles the transcendent adventures of a little goat with big dreams. Join Wonder and his wisecracking guide, the mysterious crow Mac Craack, on a journey through the scenic landscapes of the American Southwest and into the heart of a mindful presence. Along the way, you’ll meet an unforgettable cast of creatures, each with an important lesson to teach.


“…a book for the ages, with profound truths simply stated. First there was Jonathan Livingston Seagull and then Yoda—Now there is Wonder…”
~ Beverly Molander, Minister and Radio Host of Activating the Power of Yes

“…an exploration of human nature and into the allegorical realm that shows us how to be wise teachers and guides…”
~ Paula Renaye, Author of Living the Life You Love

Paperback: 202 Pages
Genre: Fiction/Spirituality
Publisher: Terra Nova Books (September 1, 2016)
ISBN-10: 1938288785
ISBN-13: 978-1938288784

My Name is Wonder is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and IndieBound.

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About the Author:

Ronald Chapman is owner of an international speaking and consulting company, Magnetic North LLC. In addition to international accreditation as a speaker and national awards for radio commentary, he is the author of two novels, My Name is Wonder (Terra Nova Publishing, 2016) and A Killer's Grace (Terra Nova Publishing, 2016 and 2012), two works of non-fiction, Seeing True: Ninety Contemplations in Ninety Days (Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2008) and What a Wonderful World: Seeing Through New Eyes (Page Free Publishing, 2004) and the producer of three audio sets, Seeing True: The Way of Spirit (Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2016, 2005), Breathing, Releasing and Breaking Through: Practices for Seeing True (Ozark Mountain Publishing, 2015), and Seeing True – The Way of Success in Leadership (Magnetic North Audio, 2005). Ron provides a wide array of social media content at, content for people in substance abuse recovery at, and other content from his master site, He holds a Masters in Social Welfare from The University at Albany (New York.) Prior to his relocation to Atlanta, Georgia in 2008, he was a long-time resident of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Ronald can also be found online at:


Facebook Page:

------interview by Crystal J. Casavant-Otto

WOW: Ron, this was a bit of a challenge since I had the pleasure of interviewing you just a few weeks ago. I hope these questions aren't too off the wall and non-traditional.

After watching your video, I felt like we were long time friends. What prompted you to do a video for your books? What sort of feedback have you received about the video?

Ron: Thank you! That is high praise for the video and the content. My oldest daughter and son-in-law have been advising me on how to tell the story of what I do, and why. They felt the only way to fully express things was in a video which would allow me to weave the story together. And they were so right on that account. It’s just not a simple story, and I don’t seem to fit a genre very well. People have really loved the video. It seems to speak to people very effectively. Since I’m a pretty relational guy, that means a lot.

WOW: Pretty relational? You're so modest. You're very likable and that shines through to your readers and fans!

You're very open about your daughters being step-daughters who chose you. How did that look in the beginning? What do you credit for the close relationship you now have? Was there an "ah hah" moment?

Ron: Now that may be the sweetest question I’ll get since it is about the magic in my relationship with Natalie and Brianne. Someone once told us it was because I have some serious karma with them, and quite a spiritual debt to them. I’m not sure I believe that, but it would certainly explain things! At first, it was quite difficult because it was unusual. And they had every reason to be skeptical. But I remember telling them, “I came to love you, and I made commitments to you. That doesn’t change just because your mom and I are splitting.” Since it all was strange to their mom, it was initially fits and starts. Then it transcended the basis we originally had, and slowly it grew and deepened. One of my spiritual teachers told me they just love me, and that is part of the healing of our past. That humbles me.

WOW: Humbling indeed. Thanks for being so open to sharing.

Please choose one of these excellent quotes from My Name is Wonder and give us a little insight as to what they mean to you personally: “Just when you think you can no longer be surprised, life presents you with a surprise” and/or "the path is every step."

Ron: I’ll take the first! Isn’t that true for all of us? We think we have things figured out, or a clear path to some desired outcome or end point. And it becomes commonplace to us, just part of the background.

We become rather complacent about the magic and mystery of it all. Then something unexpected happens, as it always does. And if we are paying attention, we realize with surprise that it is not what we planned, or anticipated, or even dreamed. And that moment of recognition changes everything. Suddenly all our assumptions are proved to be only guesses, or approximations. With that awareness, our entire experience is altered. With time, we become more and more attentive, and more and more surprised. Life is never what we think, and perhaps we can only understand it in retrospect.

WOW: Life is never what we think - I love that. It's oh so true.

Your book blog tour for A Killer's Grace was your first book blog tour. What surprised you about the tour (good or bad)? What would you say to other authors considering a blog tour?

Ron: It was surprising the breadth of the coverage in many of the blogs. I guess I assumed mostly they would be brief, but then there was a lot of content about the book, background, author bio and in some cases even my author video. Pretty cool actually.

To be honest, I know that exposure does not necessarily translate into interest and sales, but without such exposure the possibilities are much more limited. Sure does get a lot more reach than I could easily get on my own. Thanks for excellent support!

WOW: Thank you so much for your honesty; it is definitely a pleasure to support authors.

Tell us about the cover art for My Name is Wonder. There has to be a story about how this came to be?

Ron: Great question! I was living in New Mexico and was visiting an artist's gallery. There on the wall were the beautiful far mountains above Abiquiu in lovely pastels. I instantly recognized the terrain as that which Wonder would traverse. I bought the painting that day from the artist, Jennet Inglis. Then a few years passed as My Name is Wonder was coming into being. I told a friend in Greenville, South Carolina and she loved the whole goat idea. The next thing I knew she had found me a goat and a crow to embellish it. Then my publisher, Terra Nova, brought it to final design. I love the inspirational feel of it. Very much a wonder.

WOW: Thank you again for your honesty and sharing. This has been such a pleasure.

----------Blog Tour Dates

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Wednesday, September 28th @ Selling Books with Cathy Stucker
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Thursday, September 29th @ Beverley A. Baird
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Friday, September 30th @ Linda Loves Chocolate
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Monday, October 3rd @ Book Santa Fe
Elizabeth Seratt reviews Ronald Chapman's My Name is Wonder.

Wednesday, October 5th @ The Muffin
Crystal Otto from WOW! reviews My Name is Wonder by Ronald Chapman. Don't miss this 5 star review of an intriguing and enlightening novel.

Thursday, October 6th @ Renee’s Pages with Michelle DelPonte
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Friday, October 7th @ Monika Josan
Ronald Chapman's My Name is Wonder will be featured on Monika Josan | a life path today and readers can hear Monika's thoughts as she reviews this delightful novel.

Monday, October 10th @ Bring on Lemons with Alison Taylor
Educator and mom of four Alison Taylor reviews My Name is Wonder by Ronald Chapman. Alison offers her ideas and insight about this enlightening and beautifully written novel.

Tuesday, October 11th @ Bring on Lemons with Penny Harrison
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Wednesday, October 12th @ Book Santa Fe with Tange Dudt
Avid reader Tange Dudt reviews ‘My Name is Wonder”

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Unknown said...


Once again thank you very much! You do such an excellent job at capturing the breadth of things, not just a snapshot, which I really appreciate. The interview comes across even better than I imagined, and covers far more than My Name is Wonder, hopefully giving your readers a larger sense of context about me and Wonder.

Very much appreciating you!

Ron Chapman

Margo Dill said...

I also think the video is so well done. One of the best book trailers I have seen. Best of luck with both books. I can imagine that conversations with a serial killer would change your life and vision forever. Good for you for doing such positive things with it.

Angela Mackintosh said...

Great interview! Ron, I related when you said that your books don't fit into a genre very well. I feel like my work doesn't fit well into one specific genre, and always wondered if it would a problem with finding a publisher, but you've given me hope! And I agree with Margo, your video is fantastic and very well done. I love that you took a writing vacation and were inspired to write My Name is Wonder during your trip. That's what we all hope for!

Unknown said...

Thank you for good thoughts, Margo and Angela! And for affirming the value of the author video. Frankly, it was a challenge to capture what needed to be put into context. The entire story has been quite life changing, and it is not yet done with me it seems. Regardless, best of luck with your adventures, and thanks again for the comments. Ron Chapman

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

Great interview! It looks like Ron will be a very busy man. :)

Unknown said...

Do you enjoy reading your own books

Unknown said...

Do you enjoy reading your own books

Unknown said...

I enjoyed the trailer and this book reminds me of some of my favorite reads from when I was younger and life was less stressful and I could adsorb myself into reading a book curled up on the couch with the dog at my side.

Buddy Garrett said...

It sounds like a great book. I enjoyed the interview.

lilyk said...

What is your favorite food?

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