Friday Speak Out!: How Meditation Can Improve Your Writing

Friday, September 30, 2016
by Laura Carter

You wake up, take a few sips of coffee and then sit in front of your laptop expecting words to run out of mind into your hands and then appear as millions of pixels on your screen.

And, it just doesn’t happen.

Why? If you’re looking for a complex answer to this trivial question, you are wrong. It’s all because writing is hard. Writing is unique. At the same time, it is similar to every other craft in the world. It’s similar because writing requires practice and preparation. We call it reading. If you don’t have time to read, you will never have time and skills to write.

Though, it’s not all.

Finally, you have to gather all your emotions, knowledge, ideas and desires. See the angel in them. And carve until you set him free. That was a pompous way to say “create something beautiful.”
Nevertheless, it’s the most difficult part. It takes great courage and concentration to express your mind in a way that unknown people will understand you and maybe, just slightly, enjoy what you’ve written.

Great writing tool that will increase that capability is meditation.

As trivial as it may sound, you need silence to be a successful writer. Some people may disagree and say that time they spend in pubs with a pint of beer, taking notes, is usually the most productive. This is also true, to some extent. While you on the top of your game, any other activity does nothing but improves your writing. But when you hit that notorious “writing block,” meditation is your savior.

Practice 5-10 minutes every day and soon you will notice how your attention has improved. This will lead to the interesting effect that might be called “self-perception”. As a writer, it is difficult to stay true to yourself. There are so many genius writers that did what you are doing now but find the better way. So many techniques, styles that you can use, want it or not. It is hard to be yourself if you use words. But if there is something that helps to reveal the essential self – it is meditation.

With such state of mind, the fear of critics just can’t exist. You’ll start enjoying the process much more, not just the result. And this will make your life as a writer much easier.

Laura Carter is a former educator and now a writer of Laura’s passion is great fiction and short story writing. Follow carterlaura15 to see more of her works.

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Margo Dill said...

Thank you for discussing meditation today. I have been reading a book about clearing our mind, and in it, the authors suggest that 10 minutes a day of meditating/sitting quietly can do so much for us. I think meditation combined with journaling/morning pages could cure any writer's block! :)

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