Blogging Frequency and Potential Customers – There is a Correlation

Wednesday, January 20, 2016
by Karen Cioffi

A new study shows evidence that there is a correlation between blogging frequency and lead generation. Leads are people or businesses who show interest in what you’re offering. They’re potential customers / prospects.

Along with generating more leads, blogging on a regular basis and as often as you can matters for at least three reasons:

1. Search engines love fresh content.

2. It will increase your credibility and influence.

3. It will increase your website traffic.

Blogging frequency matters. It equates to more leads, which means more potential sales and more connections making their way to your website.

So, just how often do you have to blog?

The obvious answer is as much as you can. If you can blog daily, great. But, how many people or home/small businesses can realistically do this? Not many.

Luckily, you don’t have to blog every day to make a difference. It doesn’t take as much as you might think.

Home and small business were shown to have a significant increase in leads by publishing around 12 posts per month.

What if writing and publishing 12 posts per month is too much?

Twelve new posts a month is a lot for most writers. I used to do this, but once I started a second business it became too time consuming. So, I now post once a week to each business.

While three times a week is optimal for visibility, traffic, and opportunities, it’s a commitment.

Blogging requires creating a writing schedule, possibly working with blogging templates, and keeping up with what’s going on in your industry. All while doing your actual work, say writing your book or writing for your clients.

You need to find the right amount for you.

Strategies to help out:

If you want to post more frequently to your site, but don’t have the time to write new posts as often as you’d like, there are alternatives.

1. Look into guest posts. Post a message on your social networks that you’re looking for guest bloggers. You can also spread the word in your groups.

2. Try content curation. With this blogging strategy, you find a blog post on a ‘quality’ site. Write a short lead-in with your viewpoint on the content, then link to the original article. You’ll have a quality post in a fraction of the time.

Blogs are influential. They’re persuasive. Posting original and quality content regularly is a must if you want to bring prospects to your website and boost your sales.

Karen Cioffi is a former accountant who is now a multi-award-winning author, ghostwriter, freelance writer, editor, and author-writer online platform marketing instructor. She founded and manages Writers on the Move (a marketing group), and presents online writing and marketing workshops and webinars.

Karen has published 12 writing and marketing eBooks, the most recent, Article Marketing: Increase Website Traffic with Properly Formatted and Search Engine Optimized Content.

In addition to this, Karen’s website, Karen Cioffi Writing and Marketing, was named Writer’s Digest Website of the Week, June 25, 2012.

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Karen Cioffi said...

Glad to be here today, WOW!

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Great tips, Karen!

Karen Cioffi said...

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