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Monday, April 29, 2013
To most, Tanzy Hightower looks like she has a great life for an eighteen-year-old. She spends her days on Wildwood Farm surrounded by horses and fellow horse lovers. Of course most people don't know about the mysterious shadowy beings lurking on the outskirts of her life. Tanzy isn't sure if they're real or if her eyes are just playing tricks on her until she realizes the horses see the mysterious beings too. And not only do they see then but they're afraid of them.

Moonlit is the story of Tanzy trying to unravel all the secrets of her life. Who are the mysterious beings? Was her accident really an accident? Are her new friends really friends . . . or something more nefarious? How does an ancient warrior end up in horse country?

If you’re still compiling your Summer Reading List save room for Jadie Jones' debut YA fantasy Moonlit.

The first book in the Tanzy Hightower series will leave you haunting Jadie Jones’ website, wanting to learn when the next book in the series will be released. Follow Jadie’s Tweet Tour @WOWBlogTour and @womenonwriting throughout June and you just might learn the release date and other fun info about Book 2!

Paperback: 310 pages (also available in e-format)

Publisher: WiDo Publishing (April 16, 2013)

ISBN-10: 1937178331

ISBN-13: 978-1937178338

Twitter hashtag: #Moonlit

Moonlit is available as a print and e-book at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Book Giveaway Contest:

To win a copy of Moonlit, stop by The Muffin on Wednesday, May 15 when we’ll be posting a review of Moonlit and starting our giveaway contest!

About the Author:

Jadie Jones has been dreaming about being an author since she wrote her first book in the seventh grade—in a black and white composition tablet, of course. But life happens . . . jobs, husband, baby. Jadie has that magical time known as naptime to thank for Moonlit. Because, when all was quiet in the house (with the exception of the washer humming in the background) Jadie could hear Tanzy, who she thought she had long ago relegated to past dreams, calling to her. And one day Jadie pulled out a pen and answered. The result was Moonlit.

When she isn’t writing, Jadie likes to ride horses and explore the world with her beautiful toddler.

Find out more about the author by visiting her online:

Jadie Jones’ website: www.jadiejones.com

Jadie's blog:  www.jadiejones.blogspot.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/jadiejones1

Facebook: www.facebook.com/jadie.jones.5

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/jadiejones1

-----Interview by Jodi Webb

WOW: The main character of your debut YA fantasy novel, eighteen year old Tanzy Hightower is an incredibly strong character. She has secrets, a mysterious past, a willingness to jump into life. I've been wondering . . . which came first Tanzy or the idea for the novel Moonlit?

JADIE: In a way, both. This might sound a little certifiable, but Tanzy’s voice has been in my head for years. When you work long hours—usually solo—on a horse farm, and you have an overactive imagination . . . let’s just say the possibilities are endless. I’m inspired by women who stand up for themselves and for what is right. The “origin” part of Moonlit actually came to me in a dream. I’d had a bad spill off a horse (not a dream) and gave myself a pretty good concussion. That night, with lots of medicine on board, I had this dream about sexy, shirtless, Greek-god looking men marching in an underground cellar. They guarded a group of girls imprisoned there, but I had the distinct impression that the guards were afraid of what the girls could do should they escape. I also had a clear feeling that I was looking for who I used to be. I woke up and thought: man that would be an amazing story . . . now how do I get the savvy, farm-girl in my head to an underground prison in ancient Egypt?

WOW: It does seem like an unlikely combination! And since it was such an unusual story did you do a lot of planning before you began writing? Since you were thinking series, did you outline the plot for the first few books just to see where your characters would be going or did you just see where the writing would take you?

JADIE: Not entirely. As I wrote Moonlit, I kind of knew where I wanted to go in the sequel. But, until I made final edits on Moonlit for my publisher, I had no idea what would happen in the third book. Now I have a pretty clear idea of what goals I want to accomplish with the third book, and I know as I refine the sequel, the arch of the third book will become clearer. I make loose outlines when I’m feeling overwhelmed or stuck. I am big on writing the first draft (or parts of it) with pen and paper. It helps me think better. As it stands now, I know the very last paragraph in the very last book. We will see if it survives the sequel!

WOW: You just never know what’s going to happen, do you? Do you have any advice for those hoping to create a series?

JADIE: I find that a strong character is most important, and if you turn them loose, will take your stories places you could never have imagined on your own. I had a completely different ending planned for Moonlit, but Tanzy wasn’t happy with it. When I finally let her show me how she thought things should shake out, it was amazing, organic, and it changed everything about the sequel.

I would advise holding off on fleshing out a sequel until the final content edits have been made on the first book. My editor and I cut an entire character, who I’d planned on making a big part of the sequel, but he drug down every scene he entered in Moonlit. A tentative outline, or “roadmap,” as I like to call it, is a great guide to make sure you have all the details you need in place for the sequel in the first book without wasting time/energy on a lot of copy you may cut.

WOW: What is the most appealing thing about writing in the fantasy genre and what made you begin writing it now?

JADIE: Fantasy is so fun because anything is possible. If you can create it in your brain, you can bring it to life, and that is so appealing.

And honestly, I think writing Moonlit may have saved my life—or at least my sanity. Following the birth of my daughter, I slowly fell down the rabbit hole of postpartum anxiety, which I didn’t even know was something that could happen. I wouldn’t let people come over to the house or hold my daughter. I stopped leaving the house all together. My mother and husband confronted me when my daughter was about seven months old. Once I was willing to acknowledge there was a problem, I had some work to do. I didn’t want to take medication for it (not that I don’t believe in it—it’s just didn’t feel like the right choice for me) so I had to learn how to talk myself off the ledge.

Writing was a huge part of my recovery process, and gave me back a sense of control that I’d completely lost. I’ve always had an overactive imagination, so re-learning how to use that power for creation instead of paranoia made a world of difference. I’ve always had a passion for writing, but lacked the confidence and tenacity it often takes to get an idea from brain to paper to publisher. Once this story took root in my head, it would not let me ignore it.

WOW: What an incredible aspect to your writing life! In Moonlit, you combine our reality with another world and characters who can move back and forth between the two worlds. What was it like to develop a new world and "rules" that allowed characters to exist in both worlds? Confusing? Fun?

JADIE: The rules are the brick and mortar of the new world—like the rules of a board game. You can’t play without them. And the same idea applies: the simpler the rules are to follow, the easier it is to use and communicate them. I think the rules also have to be pretty rock solid, especially in a world that has always existed—as have its inhabitants.

These Unseen creatures have been around since the beginning of the world, so if my human characters find a flaw or loophole in the rules that the immortals never discovered, that seems a bit contrived. Building the rules for the Unseen world was one of my favorite parts. I relate it to excavating a dinosaur skeleton—just keep digging and brushing away the debris until the bones come to the surface. The rules are explored further in the sequel, and as they become more detailed, I have to be careful not to make them confusing.

WOW: This is your first book, tell us a little about the marketing you're doing . . . are you active in social media?

JADIE: I am trying to be as active as possible! The online author/reviewer/reader community is a passionate, helpful, enthusiastic group to be a part of. It’s all about give and take—you have to be willing and eager to help other authors, etc., or you can’t expect them to jump when you need a favor. I think writers who aren’t willing to be a part of this process may miss out on some great opportunities—not just for promotion but also for education. I have learned so much by participating in events for other authors. I even had a brief chat with one of my very favorite authors, which was immediately followed by a happy dance in my office.

WOW: And we always like to hear about small presses. Tell us how you found Wido Publishing and what you like about them.

JADIE: I found Wido on querytracker.net. I’d decided to query small publishers directly because I prefer one-on-one relationships and the idea of waiting for information to pass through a second party was more than my impatient self could take.

I have to say, I feel like I won the publisher lottery. My experience has been positive, educational, and thorough. I was immediately paired with a content editor, who helped me explore some holes in my plot and tighten my pacing. She also helped me discover some things about my story and my writing that I hadn’t noticed before. After that, Moonlit went on to several copy editors and then two rounds of galley proofs. Everyone I worked with was professional and enthusiastic. They were patient and receptive when I had constructive things to say as well, which speaks volumes in my book. I also admire that they don’t believe in a formula. They just want good, well-told stories. And don’t we all?

WOW: And a good, well-told story is what readers will find in Moonlit. Finally, as always, we want to hear what you're up to now!

JADIE: Right now I am riding the wave of Moonlit’s release—scheduling signings and events, networking, interviewing, and promoting. I’m also revising the sequel to prepare it for submission to WiDo.

On another note, I’ve taken on a project horse. Riding helps me sort out plot tangles, etc. And I spend a lot of time exploring with my now two year old. I am having the time of my life.

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Margo Dill said...

I am telling you that this is one of the best books that I have read this year. I LOVED this book. Jadie did a fantastic job telling her story--and I can't wait for book 2 now! So excited about hosting Moonlit and Jadie on my blog!

Unknown said...

Wow - thank you Margo! That made my whole month! I can't wait to see your review when the tour comes your way. Thank you for having Moonlit and me :)

Crystal Otto said...

I truly enjoyed Moonlit and connected with Tanzy in many ways. Jadie did an awesome job start to finish on this book and I can't wait to read more from her! Great interview too - nice job Jadie & Jodi!!!

Bray Electrical said...

Thank you, Crystal! I am hoping to submit the sequel to my publisher in May. Fingers crossed!!

Angela Mackintosh said...

I just bought a Kindle copy and can't wait to read it. After Margo's glowing comment I couldn't resist! :)

What a wonderful interview. Jadie, I loved hearing about your inspiration for Moonlit. I'm sorry about the bad spill! It's fascinating that it planted the seed for your book. I also loved hearing about the work you did with your editor. Wido sounds great. Congratulations on your success! And good luck in May for the sequel. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say I won't be participating in Wednesday's book giveaway contest. After reading the first page of Moonlit I just had to buy it outright :). I'm looking forward to getting to know Tanzy!

Unknown said...

You guys are amazing!! Tanzy has been a blast to get to know. The drafting the sequel has truly been a journey as I explore some darker sides of her heart and mind.

So sorry I posted a comment earlier from my other job... oops! Hopefully the boss won't see it ;)

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