Friday Speak Out!: Habits that Lead to Creative Writing Discoveries, Guest Post by Shyxter Tagapulot

Friday, November 25, 2011
Habits that Lead to Creative Writing Discoveries

by Shyxter Tagapulot

Writers are in constant need for inspiration. Many of us still come to a point when the mind seems blank and we cannot put anything into words. Lack of inspiration, writer’s block, or hitting a wall are just a few words that describe this blank state of mind. But as a writer, you should take a proactive stand in finding inspiration to write. You can always engage in habits that can spark your creativity and bring good ideas to write about.

I would like to share 2 things that have helped a lot in my writing. These are of knowing my creative moment and writing down my dreams.

Know your creative moment. In a day, there are many times when we can get into a creative moment. Moments of inspiration may differ in each person. Most people find great inspiration in the early mornings, as the sun slowly rises in the horizon with the birds chirping in the background. Others are stimulated by the view of a majestic sunset; while some uncover their best ideas late at night, when everything is peaceful and the stars shine down from the velvet sky.

These are all good moments that help you find your muse. The important thing is to identify which of these times you are most inspired. For me, early mornings work best for my writing and I have gotten into a daily habit of writing during my best creative moment. With all my senses working at its best, I am able to discover wonderful ideas that can be turned into beautiful words. I don’t always find my creativity every single day of my creative moment but developing it into a habit certainly gets those creative juices flowing for the next day.

Write down your dreams. It is not fully known how dreams are made of; scientists and researchers continue to argue and wonder how the unconscious mind makes up these reveries that are often vague and incomplete. Experts say that dreams can be both products of our conscious and subconscious minds; they can spring from life’s realities or one’s deepest fantasies. Whatever dreams are made of, they can be wonderful sources of inspiration in writing stories or essays.

I keep a dream journal in my bedside. And when I wake up after a good or even bad dream, I write it down as much as I can remember. Dreams can be easily forgotten even while still asleep and some details may become blurred already by the time I wake up, but just writing what I can recall paves the way for great ideas and writing discoveries. I don’t try to interpret my dream as soon as I’m awake; I just write the vivid parts down so that I can get back to it when I am looking for some inspiration or I am in my creative moment.

What about you? What leads you to a creative writing discovery?

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Shyxter Tagapulot is a Filipino writer and internet marketer. She has written travel, do-it-yourself, parenting, and other general information articles since 2009. Shyxter is now a site author at– a website meant to inspire writers and help them explore their creativity, with over 170 ways leading to the path of creative discovery.
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Simply Mikaela said...

Great post. Very helpful to those who would want pursue their career in writing. Keep it up Shy! - kOrAb

Shyxter Tagapulot said...

Thanks, kOrAb. As long as you have the passion and find good ways to get your creative juices flowing, you can always pursue your writing dream :)

Plaud Studios said...

Very good article, Shy. Anyone can use this knowledge ^_^ Keep up the good work.

Shyxter Tagapulot said...

Hi, WJ! Thank you :) Happy Thanksgiving!

alberta ross said...

I had an amazing dream about 40yrs ago - so vivid I didn't even need to write it down, I have thought about and mentioned a bit over the years while I was doing other things it is now in my short story collection and one of the favourites - great beleiver in the dream as inspiration

Ma_Anne said...

Proud of you Shy for being a good writer. I am just happy reading what people write as I really don't have the knack for it.

matet cid said...

Writing is a passion and it takes an amount of time to effectively convey your thoughts to influence people and writers as well. Writing is a powerful tool to reach out to people in different walks of life. As a writer, sharing what you think and what you envision about certain things is definitely significant and helpful.
Congratulations, shy for you have spread out your notions about writing, sure will help a lot of writers out there to get out from their shell and take a passion in writing.

Carmel Neri said...

Wow! Amazing gaw te Shy! Hope I can write as well as you do... This article somehow gave me an inspiration to write again... I've never been consistent man gud... Hehehe... Nice job! :) Keep it up te!

Shyxter Tagapulot said...

@Alberta: It's nice to know that you can vividly remember your dream even after many years and you are able to make a short story out of it. If I may ask, what was your dream-now-short-story all about?

@MaAnne: Thank you :) I believe anyone can write; you just have to start the habit and explore your creativity.


Writing in the morning is really important. Also, I find that the more I write and revise, the more the piece seems to come together, often with points I didn't even intend on making. I used to write my dreams faithfully. I need to start doing it again. :) Great post.

Shyxter Tagapulot said...

@Matet: I agree that writing is a passion that allows you to reach out to people and let them see things in a different perspective. Keep on writing and sharing, Matet!

@Carmel: Believe in yourself because you can be the best writer that you can be. Start a regular habit of writing to get your creativity flowing. You can do it, Carmel :)

jia R said...

You are a creative person and your job fits your personality. More power to you, sHy! :) <3

Shyxter Tagapulot said...

@Grace: I agree! The more you write, the more ideas come as your writing develops on its own. Sometimes when I write a story, I'm able to come up with more characters that were not part of my original plot. I really love it when my own story surprises me!

@Jia: Aww, thank you :)That's so nice of you to say.

crissy said...

hhi te shy, ma-inspired mn pud q ani ug write..hehehe

cado+ said...

thanks for this wonderful tips

mAriAni said...

Now this is what I call good reading stuff. These are great points to ponder on Shy. Bunch of thanks! :)

jaszy gurl said...

makainspire jud kaau te shy.. wow na wow jud... keep it up te shy... God bless.. :)

Shyxter Tagapulot said...

@MariAni: I'm glad to share it with you :) Thanks for dropping by.

@Jaszy: Thanks!

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