Reading: an Apprenticeship

Thursday, September 08, 2011
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Reading, for writers, is like an apprenticeship. You, the writer, study the craft of the great masters, and then you try to mimic the master’s style until you get the hang of it and evolve into your own style. You can also learn what not to do from not-so-masterful writing, but in any case, you are learning about writing every time you read.

Reading, for avid readers such as me, can become an expensive hobby. It can also become a back-breaking hobby, which I learned after moving about 20 boxes of boxes out of a third-floor walk-up apartment into a different third-floor walk-up apartment this winter. That detail is kind of beside the point, except that that incident is what prompted me to finally invest in an e-book reader.

Do you have an e-book reader?

If so, you need to check out this column from eBookNewser that directs you to free e-books across multiple platforms (Kindle, Nook, etc) every day! That’s 365 free e-books per year! Sometimes 366!

The free e-books are either public domain classics like Frankenstein or Pride & Prejudice, books that are available for a limited time from places like Barnes & Noble or Amazon, or they’re books by self-published authors through Smashwords or Lulu. The site includes books from multiple genres so they’re something for everyone in the free e-book archive.

If you are impatient and/or greedy and want more than one free e-book per day, then check out these sites that offer databases full of free e-books:
I know it’s not an exact equation, but I like to believe that the more I read, the better I write.

But even if your writing doesn’t improve, you just got a lot of free e-books. And can you ever really complain about free books?

I can’t.

by: Anne Greenawalt: Twitter, Google+, and my website!


LuAnn Schindler said...

Amazon also has the top 100 free ebooks. Lots of classics. Sometimes, there have been cookbooks. I've downloaded several and liked what I've read.
I'll have to check out some of these other places. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

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