What to Do? Write.

Sunday, September 11, 2011
When I saw on the WOW! calendar that I was scheduled to post today a mix of emotions flooded my brain. What to do? What to write? How to pay homage (in a blog post on writing) to those who lost their lives ten years ago. So much has been written. Much by people who experienced the pain and agony firsthand. And, as we note today's somber anniversary, many published offerings have become available as time has passed. Courageous tales. Heartbreaking stories. Thorough accounts. As this significant anniversary approached and the airwaves filled with news stories about survivors and commemorations in every corner of America, bookshelves were readied for additional fiction and nonfiction offerings. For writers and readers, there are lists and reviews of must-read 9/11 books, 9/11 novels worth reading and discussions of whether there are any great 9/11 novels to read. I'm not going to add to the reviews. I'm not going to add to the commemorations. Today is one of those days that, as a writer, it is essential to take some time to journal. Even if you never spend time journaling, take time today to gather and reflect on your thoughts and observations. Write, not with a goal toward publication, but in the interest in capturing your life and your surroundings. Of just being a writer. Try to set aside a few quiet moments today, pen and paper in hand, and just write. And know that you are not alone.
Elizabeth King Humphrey writes and edits from her home in Wilmington, N.C.


Unknown said...

I so agree that writing helps!

For this year, I wrote in my blog at

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