Last Call! Seeking Queries for "Girls Just Want to Have Fun...Writing!" Issue

Saturday, April 16, 2011
If you received our e-mail newsletter, remember, our deadline for queries is Monday, April 18th. We'll be reviewing and responding to all queries that day and the following day. So, if you have an idea, send it on over! There's only a couple of days left.

What are we looking for? We're seeking articles that epitomize our theme, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun...Writing!" The theme is open to your interpretation. What do you love about your writing life that you can teach others? What brings you joy and satisfaction? We want to bring the fun back in writing!

Ideas include:
- The Girl's Guide to... (think of the idea and what you'd like to place there, but please don't use the title literally... we're receiving a lot of those, which we're going to have to rename)
- Interviews with editors of women-focused magazines (for new markets column)
- Interviews with literary agents on the topic of trends in women's fiction and otherwise
- Writing through summer distractions (for a slam piece, which combines three articles on similar topic from different authors in one web page)
- How tos on writing topics: what have you had success with that you can help others with?

Note: we already have quite a few queries for interviews with chick lit authors, and there's some great ones! But maybe an interview with a humor writer...Tina Fey, anyone?

This issue is slated to publish around the end of May/June 1.

Please review our submission guidelines on our Contact Page (scroll down to "Submissions") for guidelines and how to submit or query. Pay is $50 - $150 per article, on publication.

We look forward to your ideas!


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