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Sunday, April 24, 2011
Smart writers use Facebook to their advantage. They network with fans and writers, promote their work, and create engaging dialogue.

Smart writers also know that smart readers use Facebook and book apps on the networking site. On Friday, Jason Boggs listed the top 20 Facebook apps for book lovers on the Media Bistro site. As I perused the list, I discovered I had only heard of four of these apps. Book lovers and writers may want to check out:

  • I'm Reading. List and rate books you're reading. Share reviews.

  • Lendle. This is a Kindle app that lets you share or borrow Kindle books.

  • Avon Romance. Perfect for women searching for a great forever and ever read.

  • The Ultimate Harry Potter Quiz. Questions from the novels and movies are listed. I've taken it. It's tough!

Smart writers will think of ways to connect with readers and potential readers through these book applications. You never know how future readers will learn about your work.

Which Facebook book apps do you use?

by LuAnn Schindler. Follow LuAnn on Twitter @luannschindler or read more of her work at LuAnn's Writing on the Wall.


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