Keeping Your Writing World Straight

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Like me, you probably love the convenience of keeping your writing world straight through various methods such as online calendars, spreadsheets, maybe even your phone. I rely on my MacBook’s iCal and my phone’s calendar myself. Still, there’s an appeal to seeing my daily plans, schemes and dreams written out on the page. As a result, I’ve returned to A Working Writer’s Daily Planner, a helpful resource I first came across last year.

Of course there’s a calendar with space to set up yearly, monthly and weekly goals, but there’s much more. Between the pages you’ll find a selection of upcoming contest deadlines listed on calendar pages, and expanded lists with more detailed competition info. Glance at the reading lists, including the monthly “Read Around the World” list of international writers for your next selection. There’s a easy submission tracker to keep your records in order. And if you need ideas on what to write, try some of the prompts or exercises. All accompanied by attractive, black & white and full-color photos.

Yeah, it’s definitely low-tech, but for me, it’s a nifty way to rein in my writing life. Check it out for yourself here.

So, what ways do you keep your writing world straight? Please share them!

By Jill Earl


Rev. Linda said...

Great idea! In fact, I was looking for a new planner and couldn't find on to meet my needs...this is just what I was looking for!!

Jill said...

Wonderful, and hope you'll get as much use out of yours as I have mine, Linda!

Kristi's Book Nook said...

I love my journal. The calendar I have leaves plenty of room for writing notes. This is a great post. Thanks.

Jill said...

Thank you, Kristi.

aarbaugh said...

Hey sweetie! Where do you find these? I want to check it out. I'm not really keeping track of anything in my writing world. Yet. It's very simple right now. Great post.

Julie @ Inspired to Write said...

I think writing down your writing goals is VERY helpful!! I found a great planner that has a lot of space for notes, and a back section with more notes - I use this for long term. I also use the address section in the planner to keep track of all my blogs and websites! Thanks for this tool!!

Jill said...

Hey Ann! How's it going? Thanks!

Thanks, Julie, can't agree more! I'm more focused and getting more accomplished!

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