Summertime, and the Writin' Can Be Easy

Sunday, July 11, 2010
By Jill Earl

Don't know about you, but with temps soaring into well over 100 degrees here in the East, the only thing on my mind has been the cooling blast of AC. So when I recently trolled the 'Net for some ideas to get my heat-baked brain moving, I found the site, with dozens of ways to awaken or boost your creativity.

Clicking on the ‘Writing & Prompts’ link located near the top of the homepage directs you to the site’s writing guide, with more links to choose from. Then click on the ‘Writing Prompts’ link within this listing and scroll down for the 'Seasonal and Holiday Prompts’, where writer Chris Dunmire offers up a selection of summer prompts, like the one below:

Writing Prompt 3:
What is your favorite summer memory? How old were you when it happened? For 10 minutes relive that memory through writing about it as if you were right there recording it in real time.

While I’m not crazy about summer, I do remember my days at sleepaway camp, by far my favorite summer memory. During those 10 minutes, I recalled horseback riding and archery lessons, the camp carnival, canoe trips, nature walks, even an encounter with a skunk and thankfully, I wasn’t the unfortunate victim! With the exercise over, I now have some experiences ready to be used in a story, or perhaps inspiration for a future article or blog post. Besides that, it was fun to revisit those carefree days.

For the rest of Chris’ list, head over to Stay motivated during these sizzling summer days! Grab a prompt or two and get to writing!


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