My Reasons for Wanting to Win a Scholarship to Attend the Backspace Writers Conference

Monday, April 05, 2010
Recently I interviewed one of my childhood heroes for a magazine pitch. It was a thrill to visit his art studio and see decades of his work on display. He started his artist's career when a friend suggested he move from real estate development into another field. Needing some educational backing, he worked to receive his MFA.

He taught during his graduate studies, incorporating his business background and instructing his students on how to manage a career in art. The school's administration balked. He related to me that the administration told him artists need to create and not to worry about the business aspects of art. He left academia, but not before befriending many of the students he had helped.

Since that interview, I've wondered where I would be if I could have learned about the business aspects of publishing from someone like him. Echoing in my brain are inspiring and creative words from many of my MFA professors. Unfortunately, few words come to mind about navigating the business aspects of the publishing world.

Novel ideas continue to percolate in my brain. However, income-producing writing assignments hold my daily focus. For me, the day-to-day joys of writing are to learn something new each day, to converse with someone who also loves books, and to know that I can apply my backspace key liberally. But my long-term goal is to earn a living as a novelist and a writer.

While trying to publish my first novel, finding an agent has become discouraging and, regretfully, has taken a backseat. After initially enthusiastic responses from agents, I've had my novel rejected numerous times and other proposals have failed to engage anyone’s interest.

I am turning to conferences to help find caring communities to help move my agent search into the front seat while filling the gaps in my knowledge of the business of writing. In addition, I hope to find a group that can help me learn and grow as a writer, enabling me to exchange my skills as I gain experience.

With the Backspace Writers Conference, which covers craft and navigating the tricky terrain of the publishing world, I’ve found the right outlet to support my growth as a writer. By incorporating the practice of writers helping writers, Backspace’s founders have recognized the importance of building a community among writers. (As have the creators of Women On Writing!)

One of the many things that appeals to me about Backspace is the opportunity to connect with people in the publishing world and to discuss writing without the pressure to pitch. Backspace will allow me to learn what I need to present my best work and publish. This conference gives me an opportunity to speak with publishing world pros, to learn from them and to find a common ground and positive direction.

I would like to attend the Backspace Writers Conference and its Agent-Author Seminar because it is the next step in my education in the business of writing while meeting a great community of supportive publishing people.

What about you? Is there a conference you would like to attend and why?

Elizabeth King Humphrey is a writer and creativity coach. When she is not researching and trying to win scholarships to writers' conferences, Elizabeth contributes to AOL's ParentDish and she blogs at The Write Elizabeth, delving into creativity in everyday places.


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