In the Market for Food Writing?

Saturday, January 02, 2010
by Jill Earl

This year, one of the markets I’m pursuing is food writing. In the course of research, I’ve found a couple of markets that have whet my appetite, which I share below.

First up is Gastronomica, published quarterly and billing itself as ‘the journal of food and culture’. Their content encompasses the myriad ways food touches our lives, ranging from historical articles to interviews to essays. In the Fall 2009 issue, I was intrigued by Andrea Broomfield’s examination on how even the meals on the ill-fated Titanic fell along class lines. I traveled along with photographer Ahahita Avalos viewing images of ‘Al Mercado’, the Mercado Pino Suarez, the central market in Villahermosa, Mexico. And Adela (Mary) Blay-Brody shares memories of the role of hot peppers in Ghanaian cuisine and offers a rich pepper soup to top off her essay, ‘Rx. Pepper Soup’.

Articles should generally not exceed 7,000 words. See submissions details at their site online.

More creative offerings are found in Alimentum, ‘the literature of food’. Issues are released yearly in the winter and spring, and they accept fiction, nonfiction, poetry and book reviews. The Winter 2009 issue featured an enlightened interview with Alan Richman, whose work appeared in magazines including Conte Nast Traveler, Bon Appetit and GQ, and is Dean of Food Journalism at The French Cullnary Institute of New York. ‘Useful Kitchen Knots’ was a hilarious piece complete with sketches that gave a new tongue-in-cheek perspective on knots. And for reviews of the latest food-oriented books, click on the ‘Goodies’ heading online.

The submission period runs from September to March and more information can be found at their site.

So if you’re in the market to pursue food writing, give these journals a closer look. They just might be the recipe needed for a new direction in your writing this year.


Margo Dill said...

Thanks for sharing these markets, and if anyone is interested in learning how to write about food, WOW! is offering a Food Writing Class in January. Details are here:


if you sign up by January 4th, you will receive a free subscription to Premium Green Markets ($48 value).

Margo :)

Marcia Peterson said...

You beat me to it, Margo! I was going to post the same info. It looks like a great class!

tamirichards said...

Working at a bookstore, I have salivated more than once over the covers of the food magazines. I admit I've never read any of them other than peeking at the recipes on the covers. I should re-think that. I have, however, read through many of the magazines in the homes sections and they too publish articles on cooking, of which I have read a few of and thought there is a great market there.

Jill said...


You'll be surprised at what's available. I know I was.

And the WOW! course will reveal even more about this market. Look into it!

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