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Wednesday, September 09, 2009
In honor of the date (9-9-09), I thought it would be interesting to have a blog post, where the only common themes are the lists are grouped in nine, and the common thread is writing/reading-based. Feel free to reciprocate in responses (and no, you don't have to use 9 items in your lists)!

Nine Websites I Use As A Writer
1) - I learn a lot from all of you

2) - I am obsessed with looking into definitions of words.

3) - Writing for the WOW blog has helped me become better with blog writing (so I hope).

4) - Although I still use other web search engines and browsers, this one is still my first choice.

5) - It helps me with being current on what books and printed material is on or will be coming on the market.

6) - It helps build vocabulary and is a great diversion from writer's block.

7) websites for professional organizations - It is best to be thoroughly familiar with the publication guidelines, editors, and the interests of the audience one may be writing for.

8) local, national, international newspapers - Good writers learn from reading, from modeling, and from keeping the brain agile.

9) contest websites - Writers benefit from peer interaction and from continually pushing the envelope, whether it is by submitting more finished work or from trying out writing in a different genre.

Nine Job Markets/Industries For Writers To Try
1) copy editing
2) proofreading
3) technical writing
4) educational test writing
5) teaching
6) writing web and advertising material for business/university
7) speech writing
8) new media/communications
9) online educational design/writing

Nine Characteristics I Enjoy In A Writer or Book
1) humor
2) sarcasm
3) ability to leave a preposition at the end of a sentence once in a while
4) puns
5) alliteration
6) stream of consciousness
7) wit with titles
8) the ability to cram enough twists and turns in there for me to analyze with subsequent re-reading
9) having an eye for detail and an imagination which never fails to include the minutia

Nine Great Things About Writing
1) stress reliever (sometimes, at least!)
2) can have multiple projects going at once
3) cross-disciplinary
4) can do it on the fly and to the deadline or in stages
5) lets you learn constantly and in different ways (and gives you something to teach others)
6) can be short or long, formal or casual
7) could contain as many or as few big words, symbolic items, or allusions as one chooses
8) provides structure when and where there may be none
9) improves one's own editing skills

While I could keep going with lists (as it was so tempting to have a Nine Movies Involving Writers list in homage of Angela's post), I guess what I was getting at tonight was not just a fun montage of 9 items, but instead, at something a little deeper. No matter what you do, someone will enjoy elements of your writing. No matter what websites or reference you use, there may be others out there, so keep looking rather than stick just to the tried and true (and likewise share what you know with other writers too! ). No matter how much your latest rejection letter stung or how much of a hard time one could be having finding a job (trust me, I can relate), there are still other avenues to try and things to dabble in the interim. Lastly, there are reasons to continue to love and foster your writing, no matter how big or small, serious or humorous too. May you enjoy making your own writing/reading lists and once again, feel free to share them here. Happy 9-9-09 and best of luck to you!


Nancy Arruda said...

9/9/09 is almost over! I have no lists of nines. I'm not dressed to the nines. While I'm fond of nines I'll say good-bye to 9/9/09.

Kim said...

Well, I didn't read your article until the tenth, ah well.
Thanks for sharing - this is a great idea, to make lists, that is.
I'm going to create a few of my own. :)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to thank you for your post. I'm working my way out of one of those frustrating there-is-nothing-in-my-soul-to-write-about times and needed some optimism.

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