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Tuesday, September 01, 2009
As I was sitting here pondering the different techniques and websites that I use to help me out with my own writing techniques, I got to thinking about one of the sites that I use to perfect my sentence structure. Well, mostly because of all the bad grammar that is used on that particular site makes me strive to help others and hopefully help them to realize they can communicate through their writing better. So I was hoping.

I am not sure how many of you have heard of the "paying" social sites, but for many they have become a big part of their lives and people feel it is a good way to bring in a little income into their pockets.

Many people have the perception that they can make a good living by writing for these sites. Sorry to say, they can't. But for writing practice it is an excellent way for the newbie writer to get their feet wet. Okay, us old folks as well. One site that is legitimate and has a pretty good setup is http://www.mylot.com. I did a ton of research on many other social sites. I made sure I went to whois.net and checked them out; I also went to the BBB, scam sites, etc. So, before I signed up, I did the research. Out of so many that I have seen, this one, well, let's just say, you be the judge.

One of the neat uses of this site is some of the writing ideas you can get while using it. You can incorporate them with your own writing practices to help keep you from facing a writing block. Which, as you know, can be the biggest pain in the butt. I have to admit, in the past year or so, I have faced many blocks and keep trying to push past them. One way to help me stay unblocked is finding new outlets to practice my writing. It is so funny how I came up with the idea to start using this particular social site.

One day, I was working on an article and, all of the sudden, my brain just froze on the topic; I didn't know which way to go. I got frustrated! Why, at that particular time, did my mind just suddenly stop working on the subject matter? The article was about light bulbs and the cost effectiveness of them. Yes, a boring subject, but research on the necessary information was a snap. I knew the information, I just couldn't communicate it.

So I got up and walked away, thinking that it would help get the wheels to turn once again. I am sure many of you have done that as well, walked away to relieve the mind pressure. Well, it didn't work. I became more frustrated. Finally, I saved the sentence that I had: "A light bulb, one of the most helpful devices ever to be created for the night owls." (Pathetic, I know.)

Then I decided I needed to socialize a bit. Everyone, of course, was on Facebook or Myspace, but I wanted to see what other ones were out there, maybe special ones for writers. So I started to explore the wonderful world wide web. I found an article that was actually published on Mylot. It was interesting, so I wandered to the actual site and began checking it out. I rolled my eyes at how poorly written many discussions were and began thinking, these people need help! So the wheels in my feeble brain began to turn. You know, Carrie, this is the perfect place to experiment and practice. Get some ideas for your stories and article, stupid!

I laughed at myself. Then decided, what the heck. Give it a shot. So I signed up. You know, I have actually ran into other writers that have done just the same, signed up for a site to use for writing practice or get other writing ideas. One writer expressed that one of the best book ideas came to him on a social site. He even got the book published! What a relief it was to know I wasn't the only crazy writer to use this idea. I began laughing and crying at the same time.

One thing I want to stress: practice makes improvement in anything that we do, even cleaning the floors, finding the right cleaners, the proper mop or sponge, if you believe in crawling on your knees to get that perfect shine. You have to practice over and over again. The more you do, the better you become.

Definition from Webster: Perfect- adjective- 1. Complete in all respects- flawless. 2. excellent as in skill or quality. 3. Completely accurate.

Let's admit it, nothing is perfect. There are flaws everywhere, but if we improve upon our skills and knowledge we can only make it better!

So, for those of you who aren't sure how to get started in writing, as many of us suggest, take baby steps. Start off with little things like practicing, getting educated through many great schools etc., and press on. You will strive and reach your dream.

I admit, my dream is still miles away, and that dream is to become a published children's author, walk into a library or bookstore, and see a child sitting on the floor curled up enjoying my book. That would be the ultimate dream come true for me.

I hope that each of you can reach your writing dreams and goals!

Happy writing!


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