Turn a "Fan"-tasy Into a Feature

Sunday, September 06, 2009
by LuAnn Schindler

A funny thing happened on the way to the Husker season opener. (Actually, it happened on Friday afternoon; the game was Saturday evening.)

I landed a part-time sports writing job.

To make a long story semi-short, earlier this year I contacted a sports-writing company about a writing position. I didn't get it, but I still registered with their online site. Although I had several story ideas to share, I pushed them to the back of my mind, tackling other pressing projects. Then, I received the editor's email, stating they'd like a story.

Can you turn a "fan"-atic's "fan"-tasy into a feature? I believe so. Most people have something they are passionate about; I happen to enjoy sports, primarily anything related to my home state Huskers. (It also helps that we have season tickets. Thanks, Mom and Dad!)

I wrote an opinion piece about the season opener and grading different aspects of the game and certain player positions. I also created a slide show about the top five pre-game events in the stadium.

If you can analyze, offer an opinion, or formulate a feature, you have the opportunity to parlay being a fan into a hard sale. And if you can offer a multimedia package - combine text with pictures and / or video - you'll increase your bottom line.


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