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Thursday, July 09, 2009
It is amazing how our lives change in the blink of the eye. In the past year our family has seen a multitude of changes that have just been unbelievable; 7 deaths in our family (this total includes the loving pets in our lives), the opening and closing of a business, the addition of new adventures to include the search for work, the finding of work and the continuation of search.

As I sit here writing to you this morning, I have already gotten myself ready for work, talked to one of my children and had a cat jump on the keyboard of my laptop to help me type.

In all, the amazing part, each little piece of what has happened has a story hiding deep inside of it. Who knows it could be a great seller that just my hit the market with such force it could knock everyone for a loop.

The real challenge is finding just the write story to use and of course the time. But, you see, even with all of these life changes, I have still managed to find time for my writing. Even if it is for only a few minutes in the morning as I sit eating my bowl of cereal, chasing off the kitten who loves to play with the keyboard.

Even though our lives can change in a flash, we all need to take time to find a way to hold on to things that we love to do, things that keep our minds going, help to relax us, help us to understand life in general. For me, it is the little things that seem to make the most difference. One of those very special little things I discovered right here at WOW!, every one of the wonderful women here at WOW have showed me ways that I never imagined could help in my own writing career. Heck, when I first came to WOW, I never thought I could be come a published writer. Now, I am happy to say I have over 300 article published and more to come.

Even with all of the challenges that have been faced I feel that they have only made my writing stronger. I have been given a special gift, a gift to tell a story or a gift to tell someone how to build a fence, how to create a Zen garden and my all time favorite, how to create a casserole dish. All with the mighty pen, then the tap of the keys late at night while everyone sleeps.

One of the most incredible people that has taught me a lot about writing, even though she doesn't realize it, is Annette, through the years that I have gotten to know her, she has taught me a lot through her writing right here at WOW! I want to congratulate her on all of her life's challenges and all that she has accomplished in her life. Annette, Congratulations, I wish you the best in what is to come. You and all of our many friends right here at WOW are what helped me find myself in writing and you especially help me to drive myself to stick to my guns and continue to write. THANK YOU!!! from the bottom of my heart.

Now that life has slowed down a bit, I am met with new challenges, completing many of my book writing goals, with these flashes, I only hope that I can stay on top of things and complete my goals. One of those goals I spoke of some time ago, a book that I am writing for my Grandmother..... "Bob and Doris In the Kitchen."

Well, everyone, Happy Writing, I must head off to that office not to far away and as the saying goes.... "Bring home the bacon".

Happy Writing!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful post to wake up to this morning! Thank you for the smile you put on my face.

Carla Michelle

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