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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yesterday, I did a silly thing with my laptop; and today, I am paying the price. It seemed no big deal to have a glass of water sitting by my computer while I worked on an article for a deadline. How many of you have a cup of coffee or pop sitting by your computer right now? We all do it, right?

I was packing up my laptop to take it somewhere else; and at the same time, I was trying to get my puppy to stop chewing my cord--and well, you can figure out the rest. . .the glass of water spilt right on the keyboard. Sizzle, sizzle, poof! It won't even turn on. There were tears, there were words of comfort from my husband and step-son, and a reminder that we do have an old desktop and a library a block away.

At first, I panicked. What would I do? How would I go on? How can I write? I took a break away from the computer to run the errand I needed to run; and somehow, clarity came to me. What was important here? Really? Would I still be able to meet my deadline? Yes! Would I still be able to work on my novel tomorrow? Yes! Would I still have e-mail? Yes! Sure, the desktop is slower and not portable, but it will do until we figure out something else.

I have two points with this post: 1. Be careful of your computer. Take care of it, and don't put your drinks near it. As writers in the 21st century, our computers are another family member. Aren't you with me on this? 2. If something happens with your computer or anything that you "usually" use to write, don't let it stop you from writing. Don't use anything as an excuse. I've heard them all--"Well, my office is being painted." or "There's too much family activity around where I like to write." or "My iPod is broken."

If you want to write, you will. You will find a way until you can get your technology going again.


Happy Writing!
Margo Dill (Read These Books and Use Them)


Ally (Allena Tapia) said...

WEll, I'm impressed :)

I think discipline is what sets apart the amateurs from the professionals.

LuAnn said...

When I'm working at either my desktop computer or the laptop, my drink is in a bottle with the cap screwed on. And my laptop is fully insured!

Marcia Peterson said...

This is a good warning, Margo. Sorry you had to suffer the consequences though!

Virginia said...

I have done that too many times to count! And always ended up very angry with myself--and generally in the middle of a tight deadline, too.

Now, my computer is in one place and my drink in another.

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