The Joy of Reading Over Generations

Monday, June 08, 2009
Today is my little baby, Sophie's, first birthday. One of the gifts she opened this morning was a book called, "Goodnight Moon." I'm sure many of you remember this wonderful story about an adorable little bunny who says, "Good night!" to everything around him--probably in an attempt to avoid having to go to sleep (My kids have similar, although much less subtle tactics.) The book was from Grams who said, "Your Daddy loved me reading this story to him every night before he'd go to sleep. I hope you enjoy it as much as he did." I think that's awesome. I'm someone who believes you can never have too many books. And we have quite a collection in our house.
I was very lucky as a girl because my Uncle was a book wholesaler for Golden Books and gave us free samples often. My brother and I had shelves full of books and, because of my Uncle, I developed a deep love and appreciate for books and reading.

My favorite books were those that I knew my grandparents had read to my mom and Uncles when they were small--like the Dr. Seuss books, Richard Scarry books, Tales of Peter Rabbit and other classics. My desire to write sprouted from the love of reading I'd had planted and nurtured in my childhood and I'm so grateful.

I've read to each of my kids since they were only a few months old. They may not have understood what I was saying when they were very tiny but I know they loved the time we'd spent together--I can see it today:

*Jaimie isn't able to relate to other people most of the time but she can sit and read book--cover to cover--far beyond her grade level.

*Jaimie and her sister, Jordhan, write and illustrate their own books, which are hilarious and I plan to publish those creations for them some day.

*Xander, who isn't able to get two words out most of the time because of his speech struggles will sit and read book after his OWN words.

*And even baby Sophie will sit down on the floor, spread a book across her lap, and check out the pictures.

Books also helped make a shy, quiet little girl break out of her shell and be brave enough to share her words with the world--who knew people would be interested in what I had to say? Books are a tremendous gift. I know I plan to hold onto many of the books I have in my own library so I can pass them on to my own little eager readers.

What books do you love from your childhood? What books have you passed onto your own children/grandchildren? Let's keep passing along the joy of reading. It's a wonderful thing!

(Happy Birthday Sophie!!)



Stephanie said...

NOTHING made me happier than the day my daughter (she's 6) took some paper and wrote and illustrated her own little story!!! The words weren't all spelled right, but I treasured it nonetheless! We always read to her and she loves to read son on the other hand....he does not have the patience she did. He is 16 months and will not sit like my daughter did. We keep trying though! He does flip though board books on his own though and that makes me happy!

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