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Wednesday, April 15, 2009
Previously, I shared a list of writers' top ten fears according to a survey noted in A Writer's Book of Days, by Judy Reeves. Those same writers were also asked about the joys of writing. Here is that list (with ties for some answers):

1. expressed many ways: the feeling of completeness, of being in sync with the universe, being present in the now, centered, peaceful, calm, being with myself

2. feeling that I entertained the reader, made people laugh, touched someone

3. the feeling of being creative, "in the groove," being an artist

3. telling a story, creating characters, plots

4. connecting with others

4. playing with words, using language

4. having an audience, having other people read or hear my writing

5. expressing myself, putting myself on paper, recording my thoughts

5. being with other writers

6. finding out about myself

6. producing something

7. being published

7. finishing, the feeling of having written

7. leaving a legacy, making a mark on the world

8. becoming a more discerning reader

9. finding out I'm good, that there is promise

10. the surprises, finding out what happens

I notice that many of the joys of writing have little to do with making money (although that's nice). Let the list remind you of all that writing can bring to your life. It definitely gave me a boost today.

--Marcia Peterson


L~ said...

I like these thoughts on joy - interesting how such a vast collective of people can find commonalities in what they love to do...enjoyed my visit!

Madeline said...

Thanks for this post! It's a good reminder for when the fears creep back in or when things like marketing, etc. seem to take over.

ninsthewriter said...

In this list ...the first of your three # 7s is hogwash...

Today writers should be writing for all the other reasons on your list, but this one is only for professionals, or those with enough hootspa and thick skin to keep doggedly at it, despite rejection and keep stuffing envelopes with their work and a SASE.

Is it really important in the scheme of things??? Most people do write for the mere love fo it.

It's a nice dream to think you're going to get published and make money, but the truth is...that should be the last thing on this list.

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and read: Pub Crawl by Lauren Small. She's the author of the novel Choke Creek--and she'll tell you how she published starting her own press: Bridle Path Press! That's reality.

Keep posting!

K said...

What a fantastic list! I'm printing it out right now :) Thank you! When I write on my blog, there's an immediate satisfaction that I'm sharing my stories with others. When I finish writing a manuscript, I feel excited and hopeful that my story will reach individuals all around the world, making a mark on their lives, and this hope makes me happy.

LuAnn said...

This is a great list! Thanks for posting it.

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