A Quickie Before the More Work-Seeking Writing Commences...

Monday, April 27, 2009
What are some of the most recent writing projects you have completed and why did you do them?

In my case, the last few were:
most recent - a 24 hour short essay writing contest
second most recent- a cover letter
third most recent- a blog entry
fourth most recent- a book review for a professional journal
fifth most recent- short, funny quips for a contest website
sixth most recent - articles for a paying website

Ultimately, what I hope to illustrate with this blog post is that we write for different reasons, different audiences, with different interest levels, and different passions. Some of those most recent writing projects gave me a lot of joy, success, professional experience, and amusement. Others were hard work, requiring high levels of concentration, motivation, and sweat equity, and did not necessarily pay off. The final portion, things like this blog post, helped me take a few minutes to remind myself of how little things like internships are a treat and assist me in cultivating a sense of meaning for writing, more than just as a hobby.

With that said, remind yourself to balance the writing. One cover letter completed (or one query letter, whathaveyou) in the bin equates to a few short entertainment pieces wherever you decide to bless the world with your creative musings.


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