Tip for Screenplay Writers (and NaNoWriMo Writers Too)

Saturday, November 22, 2008
"I've been doing something that I thought I'd invented myself and then I discovered in a conversation with Jim Cameron and then I read in an interview with George Lucas where he talked about the trick that Francis Ford Coppola taught him and it turns out everybody's doing the same thing. We never read what we write. I know that sounds preposterous but the point is you don’t edit while you’re writing. We don’t even dare look at what we're writing until it looks like there's around a hundred pages. It sounds nuts but when you have a hundred pages and then you finally look at them, you have the aesthetic distance to edit yourself."

-Steven Souza, screenwriter


Kara Ferguson said...

The Office of Letters and Light which hosts NaNoWriMo also does a screenplay event in the spring called Script Frenzy. :O)

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