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Friday, November 28, 2008
Happy Thanksgiving Holiday Everyone! Now that the turkey is done, everyone has been out shopping, its time to settle down and write.

Today, I got the first installment from one of my relatives for the new Family Memoir. A group of family pictures. The dates were from the 1930's and 1940's wow, how different everyone looked in them.

Now that the word is spreading about the family memoir, everyone is beginning to get very excited.

One of my uncles is even going to include some of his own recipes for this book. These recipes he prepared for one of our many big feasts. He mentioned a "whopper" of a story that he has to tell with the recipe involving all of us kids. It is exciting to think that this book could help bring our family even closer together, through all the joys that we have been able to share. And now to share them with others.

As I sit here and think of all the information that is heading my way. I wonder if I bit off more than I can chew. Is this something I can handle? Well, of course I can, I'm a writer.

We have the power to create new worlds, to tear down tall buildings with the simple stroke of a key. We can even bring romance to the weak of heart. Tears to a young mother.

To this day, it is amazing how the power of our words in stories can create such visions for readers.

As the family memoir information grows, so does the exciting challenges that come ahead.

Here is what is on the plate at the moment:

1) sorting through the pictures that will be shared in the book.
2) making sure of accurate placement for each picture.
3) organizing the stories accordingly, should they be done by age, sanity?

These are the questions to ponder at the moment.

As more rolls in the progress continues. My fingers are itching with anticipation over the next installments.

Who will be sending it? When will I receive it? Hmmm... To many questions, I think I need more turkey to fill up my plate.

Happy Writing Everyone!


Unknown said...

Hi Carrie. I wrote a family anthology three years ago as a Christmas gift for my family. It was fun sorting through the information and pictures. Here is the link to my eHow page on how I wrote it.

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