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Sunday, August 03, 2008

With the economy the way that it is, every little bit helps. You have a blog, so why not make money from it? Some bloggers tout a steady income somewhere in the six-figure range, but that's only possible if you have a huge following and a ton of traffic. You also have to be somewhat of what I like to call a "shilli vanilli"--a shill, or a used car salesman. While that might work for some people, I prefer the natural route with a little kick-start. Here are some resources to get you started.

Sponsored Blog Content Networks

These are sites that connect you with advertisers who pay you to write about their product or website. The key to this is finding a product or website you like. You write about it, post it, and get paid for the content.

Sponsored Reviews:
Review Me:

Pay Per Click Ad Networks

These ad networks work by advertisers bidding for keywords. Words that are highly sought after get higher bids and bloggers whose content matches those keywords earn more per click.

Google AdSense:
Yahoo Publisher Network:
Microsoft Ad Center:

Product Based Pay Per Click

These are the same as above but they focus on products. They match up relevant products to the content you write.

TTZ Media:

Affiliate and Associate Programs

Affiliate programs let you pick specific products you want to promote and you make money from the sales. This works when you find a product you believe in and want to recommend it.

FruitFul Time:
Commission Junction:

Those are some resources to get you started. Of course, there's always selling your own ad space by putting up an Adrates page, which is probably the best way to go if you have a lot of traffic. That way, you can tailor campaigns to fit your advertiser's needs, and you're in charge of who advertises on your website or blog. But, if you don't have a lot of traffic, you can still make money from promoting affiliate products or using pay per click ads. You have a blog, why not make money from it? Try a few things out and figure out what works best for you. There will be trial and error, as with anything, but you'll have a better idea of what your readers respond to, and you'll get paid to write what you love!


MyOverNightBiz.Com said...

Did you use any of those tips? Do you have hard data to show what came out of it?

The web is littered with tips. Please do justice to your tips by showing facts.


maria said...

Great tips, but do they work for you?


Angela Mackintosh said...

"" -- you're exactly one of those "shilli vanillis" I was talking about. Just checked out your site. Did I say site? I mean scam. Guaranteeing people that they can make an easy $100k plus through "Cash Gifting. Affiliate Programs. Multi-level Marketing" is a lie. Did you know pyramid schemes are illegal, BTW?

I don't know what you mean about showing "hard data." If you're talking about showing the bank account of WOW! Women On Writing, LLC, there's no way I would do that. If you want to know if these are proven resources that pay you, yes, they do.

Why don't you just take a look at our site traffic compared to yours. Take a look at our media kit; we work with legitimate companies and work hard to provide useful resources and information to women writers.


Hi Maria,

Yes, we've used several of these resources--especially in the beginning when we didn't have a lot of traffic.

PPC: We've used the Yahoo Publisher Network, Google, and Adbrite.

Affiliates: Clickbank has worked very well for us. It's great because you can find products you believe in to promote.

Reviews: We garner our own review advertisers and write Advertorials on our own.

Hope that helps ~ if you have any more questions, feel free to ask ;o)


maria said...

Hello Angela,

I love your response to that "fake".

And also thanks for more answers to me.


Unknown said...

Wow! I was just asking for credibale data. there's no need to retaliate like that by calling my business all kind of names....

If this makes you feelmgood, go for it. 5 years from now you will still be doing the same thing.

Looking for a $15 sale.

Now I know, you will retaliate again.

Good luck to you women. You are obviously very smart and there is no sense in arguig with ya...

All the best to you smart ones. You will all so very well in life.

Unknown said...

my typos will make you feel even smarter.....

but honestly, when you give those tips, you are steering people in a direction. vouch for it....

MyOverNightBiz.Com said...

I never promoted cash gifting. Ever! The words may have insinuated that to differentiate in that, pretty much most transactions occur with the sale in mind. Whether the product actually makes its usefulness felt is another story.

You will see that my directory or links do not have any cash gifting programs. Never did!

My website advertises and sends referrals and leads to members so they can network with their affiliated businesses.

The money charged for my advertising is legitimate and warranted. The service I provide is extremely useful.

The things and tips I preach are entirely based on my experience. When I tell members how to go about making $100k a year, it is because I do this every year. I care to see that it works for me before I begin to find converts.

OK Thanks and be well. Appreciate your feedback and a platform for a discussion.


Angela Mackintosh said...


You never promoted cash gifting? When I went to your site yesterday it said so on the homepage. I see you took that down now. But you obviously DID promote it... yesterday.


Lisa Russell said...

I use those tips. They work. I post my stats on my "success" blog each month. For the time involved, though, content writing is a more profitable activity.

Way to go Angela for publicly calling out the "get me rich quick" guy.

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