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Saturday, August 16, 2008

As many of you know it is so hard trying to keep up with the latest and the greatest software changes etc. Half the time, you want to pull your hair out because you can not afford to do it.

Well, now, you don't have to pay for new software, all you have to do is download it. It is absolutely free, even the customer service is free on this one. Yep you read that correctly! I said the magic word, FREE.

As many of us struggling writers know, it isn't easy finding money to upgrade our stuff. Our computer can be so ancient that it won't accept the latest changes etc.

This software can convert the big boy's stuff, it is very similar in style even has some of the catchy short cuts that we have all used over and over again; cut and paste.

If your friend has the latest and greatest big boy (pssst.. here's a hint their initials are MS) they can open it with their software as well.

The cool thing is, they give you the entire office suite for FREE! How many companies do that for people these days. Hand you programs like this. Not many that I have found.

Okay, okay, I bet you are probably ready to scream at me by this point. This great new software that I am bragging about is called OpenOffice. It is fantastic! You have to try it out for yourself.

With the way the economy is today it is always great to get something for FREE, okay, okay it isn't totally free, it does take some of your valuable writing time to download this software, but hey, its well worth it, ladies.

Oh, My I sound like a sales girl at the perfume counter, how embarrassing. Okay somebody find the wet noodle to beat me with.

Just go to check it out for yourself you will be happy you did, and guess what, hubby won't yell at you, you didn't spend any of his hard earned money on it either, heck he may just kiss you and buy you flowers for getting it.

I hope that all of you get as excited as I have about this great software.

Happy Writing!


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