Book Review: True Deception

Monday, January 14, 2008

By Tricia Ares

Well, now that the chaos we call the holidays is finally over. It’s time to draw a hot bath, grab a cup of tea (or your favorite martini) and relax with a good book. If you enjoy a novel as steamy as that bathroom mirror, here’s one I suggest:

Patricia Waddell’s futuristic romance True Deception will satisfy any craving for passionate adventure. Waddell weaves the destinies of a self-reliant heroine and a handsome, mystery man into a tension packed romance. Her lush descriptions will draw you into an alien world that is both exotic, yet familiar:

“Kala stood on the balcony, her hands on the railing, looking at the lake. It was past seven o’clock; the sun was dipping below the horizon, its orange rays shooting up, creating blocks of shadows over the earth—moving shadows that floated across the water like ghostly birds.”

Kala Char’ari is a resistance fighter, and a survivor, determined to save her people from the political and economic exploitation of the Conglomerate. But when the desperate band is dealt a deadly blow, a skeptical Kala must accept the help of a seductive stranger, Aedon Rawn.

Aedon Rawn is a man with his own agenda, revenge, and he’ll do whatever it takes to achieve it. After his wife and daughter are murdered by Conglomerate pirates, Aedon becomes an emotional void. Infiltrating Kala’s resistance will bring him one step closer to his goal, but there is one complication:

“Kala exuded vitality. She wasn’t afraid of life, taking the consequences along with the rewards, never looking back, always thinking of the future. She exited him in a way no other woman ever had.”

As their attraction becomes palpable it puts their mission at risk.

True Deception will have women fantasizing about Aedon’s chameleon eyes, treasuring each moment with the intelligent, yet sensitive, hero. Women will also admire the flawed strength of a woman who must step out of the shadows, challenging the powerful men who may not accept her leadership. Patricia Waddell is certainly a master of her craft, balancing action, intrigue, and sex appeal to create a fast paced novel that will draw you through each titillating turn.


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