Vision Boards: Hooey or Holy Cow?

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

 I admit it. I'm a huge skeptic. If it even has a faint whiff of something that's more unicorn than concrete, I shut it down. As Hall and Oates sings, "I can't go for that. No, no can do!" 

But recently I've been listening to Rod Stewart's Every Picture Tells a Story (don't it)... and I'm hoping that this picture I'm envisioning becomes the story... because I have a big dream.

                                             I see my book becoming a movie.

My publisher has touted vision boards for a long time. Yes, she's accomplished incredible things. But she's Margo Dill. Wouldn't she be fabulously successful without the vision board? 

Then a teacher friend bulldozed me into making a vision board. After grudgingly surrendering, I agreed to show her what I'd done with my board a couple of weeks later...

...and something weird happened. As I was gluing some of the parts together, I was also listening to workshop sessions at the NCTE (National Council of Teachers of English) national conference (via Zoom). I was drooling over Nikki Grimes as she spoke (she's one of my literary heroes) and because of this vision board who-do voodoo, I thought, I could send a copy of my book to Nikki Grimes. She might be able to help me.

So I looked up her address (an office, of course; you don't think she puts out her home address for weirdly drooling groupies like myself to latch onto, do you?). A book--along with a note--is heading her way.

Then I thought, Garth Brooks needs another copy of my book, along with a nudge. Yes, he received one in May, but it probably got lost dumped at the airport when he left Tulsa. 

                                          one part of my vision board

As I was getting high on Elmer's, I thought I don't know what Henry (my main character) looked like as a boy, but as an old man... Morgan Freeman. I looked up his address. He is also getting a book and a note.

I've always known--since this dream was born--who I think should do the musical score. Daemon Murray. He's a local rapper and can blend different genres in a brilliant way.

                                    another part of my vision board--the little bit of
                                    red you can see says "hanging around the movie
                                    set" because that is part of my vision...

That made me think of how else Daemon can get involved (if he wants). I need a read-aloud version of my book, and it certainly should not be read by an old white lady. Perhaps Daemon would be willing...

This book has always been a joint venture, so that partnership continues in this vision of mine...

                              the red part says "flying to LA to negotiate a deal"

The dream continues: I can see Margo and me walking down the red carpet, heading to the Academy Awards. Margo is in a strapless gold bugle-bead number (because she's 6 foot 12, young and thin and can wear anything). Because I binge-watched a bunch of old Project Runway episodes a while ago. I fixated on one dress a designer made. It had a love letter written across the satin. My dress will have part of my book written across it.

                                  another part of my vision board. The red parts
                         say "packed theaters" and "speaking at movie premieres"

The final part of my vision board involves a trip to France. My granddaughter (a high school sophomore) is taking advanced French. My book is--at this very moment--getting translated into French. I can see the both of us traveling to France to do book events, along with my French sister Virginie (who's doing the translating--she's also a novelist).

                                           another part of my vision board

If this vision board gets some concrete results, I'll have to swallow my prideful skepticism and eat some crow. Until then, how about you? Do you believe in magic... and vision boards?

Sioux Roslawski is a middle school teacher, a freelance writer, and the proud author of Greenwood Gone: Henry's Story. You can read more of her meanderings at


Margo Dill said...

I mean even if I can just wear that dress anywhere I will believe in your vision board too.

In all seriousness, I think picking one word of the year also works. I picked FINISH this year. I still have a lot to finish, but I am telling you the big major thing I needed to be finished with (well two things--one job and one volunteer commitment) are out the door as well as better boundaries set with some folks in my life. Whew.

I think it's just putting it out into the universe that's the mojo. The fact you put your vision down on paper and then are reminded is what actually kicks your butt into action which gets results.

Love you Sioux!

Sioux Roslawski said...

Margo--When we go to the awards ceremony, I'll pop for the dress... since you popped for the book.

I agree. I think it's putting it out there to the universe that makes the difference. Seeing it on my phone... Having it framed in my car... Seeing it in my classroom. It's definitely going to kick my butt into action.

Renee Roberson said...

I've never done a vision board per se, but I have written my dreams over and over again in journals. I looked back and in 2019, the goal I wrote that I was going to achieve first was become an award-winning writer of fiction and non-fiction. Done. In 2020, I wrote I was going to launch a podcast. Done. My next dream after that was earning income from that podcast. Still getting there. But I believe either writing these dreams down or putting them on vision boards helps keep them front and center. Nothing you are dreaming is out of the realm of possibility. Keep casting those visions!

Angela Mackintosh said...

I LOVE your vision board, Sioux! You and Margo look stunning in your dresses, and I know GG would make an amazing movie. Who's going to play Mama?

I need to make one of these. I also love Margo's one word idea, and I think FINISH is an awesome one.

Pat Wahler said...

I've heard of people doing vision boards, but never tried it myself...yet. I do like to pick a word for the year, but I like the first one I chose so much it's been on my bulletin board for quite a while. PERSEVERE.

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