Friday Speak Out!: How Journaling Saved My Writing

Friday, June 11, 2021
by Maruable (Marusa Zemva)

In recent years I've often dreamed of flying. These kind of dreams have always been my favorite. If I could be any animal, I would choose to be a bird. So I can fly wherever I want to, whenever I want to. From a bird’s eye perspective, everything looks so clear, so small, almost meaningless.

Well, the dreams where we can fly are supposed to tell us that we need to change something.
And when we finally decide we will do something different, our insecurities come to the fore. When I decided I would pursue my writing career I was overwhelmed by a strong doubt. I doubted my ability to describe and summarize my views. I doubted my ability to correctly express myself. I've had this big fear of the language barrier, and I was convinced that I was simply not capable of writing content worth reading and sending out as to actually get someone to read it.

I struggled for months to write something and lost myself in trying this and that. I was so afraid of not writing well and being rejected that I just didn't do anything. I gave up before I even started. I stopped trying.

Looking back, I think I didn't know shit about myself and my desire to write was not strong enough. A year later, I was alone one day, drinking wine and thinking about writing, and suddenly I felt like I had a pivotal moment where I realized I was made to write. It hit me literally from nowhere, and it was like a 'light bulb' moment of sorts.

Later, I somehow managed to suppress all my feelings and hopes, and I accepted that I just wasn’t capable of writing. Which didn’t mean that someday I wouldn’t be, but at that moment it was more important to know I was not.

One day I took a piece of paper and began to write. My monologue. My journal. My thoughts. I wrote something small every day. Some days I wrote just a few words and some days I wrote pages. This helped me overcome my own limiting beliefs. Until it all became so real and unbelievably clear, and I thought, it would be sad not to share this mess with anyone. It would be sad to not share my soul story with some other souls out there. Souls, who might be struggling, souls who might be feeling as lost and defeated as I was back then. And just like that I decided I would collect all this written mess into one book.

From that day on, I called myself a writer. And now it is up to me to upgrade from writer to author. I know I have a long way to go, but now my belief is stronger than my doubts, and I believe that change can happen. That change is a real possibility. And, truth be told, I am the one who will make it happen.

While journaling down my thoughts and feelings, I also became more observant of the world around me. It really brought so much clarity into my life, and I am beyond grateful for that 'light bulb' moment I had.

For once in my life, I freed myself of all my thoughts. Through that, I realized my meaning. And after that, I never dreamed of flying again.

* * *
My name is Marusa (also called Maru) living in Bled, Slovenia, and I am a Freelance Content Creator under the name Maruable. 

I hold a Bachelor’s degree of Natural Resources Conservation and Research and thoughtfully strive to create and preserve a better world for all beings.

I am an adventure seeker, a yogi and an absolute animal lover. With English being my second language, I still decided to write and manage my business outside my comfort zone. Furthermore, this year I've finished writing my first draft of my book which I also wrote in English. The book speaks about my personal development journey, and it'll be out soon. 

My 'Maruable' website link:
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Sioux Roslawski said...

Marusa--All writers have self-doubt. They all have times in their lives when they think they should not be a writer. However, you need to not listen to that internal editor--that "voice" inside you that tells you you're not a writer--and write. Write every day. Get the words down. When you are finished, THEN you can work on editing it.

Good luck, Marusa. I look forward to heaing that you finished your book.

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