Must Have: Calm Strips (Interview and Giveaway!)

Saturday, July 25, 2020
We’re excited to bring back our “Must Haves” column. Long time WOW readers will remember our editors highlighting their favorite products for the e-zine. This time, we’re not only sharing our amazing finds but also giving you a chance to win them!

One of our favorite tools to help you de-stress is a meditative sensory product called Calm Strips.

I tend to struggle with anxiety; and lately, it's been challenging. It’s hard to write when you're anxious—especially when you’re trying to get into a character’s POV or structure your next short story. And let’s not even talk about submitting! So when I sit down to write, I need to be in a relaxed, creative headspace. That’s why I was excited to find Calm Strips. They are accessory adhesives that are crafted to help you soothe anxiety and fidgeting. To find out more about the product, I interviewed Michael Malkin, founder of Calm Strips.

We'll also be giving away a pack of 20 Calm Strips to one lucky winner!

 -- Interview by Nicole Pyles 

WOW: So, tell me a little bit about Calm Strips and how you started this company. 

Michael: I worked in a busy retail environment for a long time and, while it was very fulfilling, it also tended to exacerbate my anxiety. On especially busy days, I would wrap some carpenter’s tape around my finger. I enjoyed the texture of it, but I knew there had to be a better solution. Calm Strips are the result of a lot of work to make something that could still be carried anywhere, but had a better texture that could be utilized as a stimulus or for grounding / meditation.

WOW: I love when people start companies by solving a problem they experienced! What are Calm Strips designed to do?

Michael: Calm Strips are sensory adhesives. They are made from a thin but extremely hardy and durable vinyl. Crafted to help soothe anxiety and fidgeting by grounding you in a calming scene and giving you a gentle, but textured, surface as a stimulus.

WOW: That sounds so incredibly helpful. So, how do you select the designs for the Calm Strips?

Michael: I tend to always be on the hunt for new wallpapers for my iPhone. I find that a lot of the things that make a compelling iPhone wallpaper, also make a good Calm Strip. I will usually find a designer that I like and, either use a piece they’ve already done, or work with them on an original piece. We’ve also had customers ask us if they can submit designs, and we are always open to that. If people want to send us designs to we will definitely take a look.

WOW: I think that's amazing you use customer designs! Based on what you hear from testimonials, what behaviors have people stopped doing thanks to their use of Calm Strips?

Michael: We’ve heard from customers that they have helped with everything from biting nails to fidgeting to skin picking. Those are the stories that really motivate us here at Calm Strips. We are a really small company. There’s really just me and Luce (our Operations Director) here day in and day out. So when we see those stories it really gives us energy and motivation to keep pushing through.

"2020 has been a tough year… no doubt about that. I think Calm Strips are not going to solve those issues on their own; however, I do think that this year has brought anxiety, depression, and mental health in general to the forefront of the conversation." 

WOW: That is so inspiring to hear that kind of feedback. As we look ahead to the start of fall quarter, how can Calm Strips help parents with kids or basically, anyone who struggles with how much life has changed this year?

Michael: 2020 has been a tough year… no doubt about that. I think Calm Strips are not going to solve those issues on their own; however, I do think that this year has brought anxiety, depression, and mental health in general to the forefront of the conversation. I believe that we can contribute by helping reduce the stigma of anxiety and letting people see that you can have something that can help that is discreet, stylish and understated. We are also working to reduce the cost for these types of items, especially for schools. You can give each student a Calm Strip for ~75 cents, which is significantly more accessible than other, less effective and more distracting, solutions.

WOW: Thank you so much for sharing and we wish you the best in your company! 

Find out more about Calm Strips by visiting their website.


Enter to win a pack of Calm Strips, which end up being 20 total strips. Giveaway ends on August 1st at 11:59 PM EST. We will announce the winner on the Rafflecopter widget the next day. Good luck!

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Sioux Roslawski said...

These Calm Strips seem like a great product. I'm not into AMSR, but I know I'm stressed and my students will be definitely stressed. I also know I'm into tactile things, so having a strip on each student's desk might help...

Margo Dill said...

I love this! Like Nicole, I love that the product came about because of a problem someone had and then did something about it! :) I think these kinds of products are so important today because most of us are dealing with stress and workloads and parenting like we never have before. (Plus some isolation and changes in routines and habits--whew!) Thanks for introducing us to this Must-Have!

Angela Mackintosh said...

This is such a great idea, and I love the designs! My husband picks at his cuticles when he's stressed, and this sounds like a great solution. :) Thanks for the interview. I found it inspirational to learn how the company was started. I like the idea of putting one on my laptop or phone. We could all use a little more calm in our lives! :)

Robert Young said...

I love to go for hikes into the forest/woods it's my escape from everything

Rebecca said...

These are wonderful products. I just ordered some for my classroom, but would love more for birthday bags.

Evelyn Krieger said...

Taking a bath with candles destresses me after a long day of too much doom scrolling.

LoloSays said...

I'll take any help I can get during these anxiety-producing times. These things remind of the "worry tubes" my kindergartener made with her class. Something sensory to distract the brain. It works for her!

slehan said...

To relax I jump into a book.
Thanks for the contest.

Anonymous said...

My favorite way to destress is to work out but I am very interested in the calm strips.

Melissa L said...

This is really interesting, have never heard of before and would love to try.

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