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Thursday, February 27, 2020
The other day I logged onto LinkedIn for the first time in months. It was actually to ask a previous freelance client about some tax forms, but after I sent the message, I spent a few minutes perusing my feed and spotted someone I knew from college. I wasn't close to this guy except we both worked in the same mentor program, but I remembered him being a great writer. Funny, prolific, detailed. I even subscribed to a newsletter he sent out.

Curious, I spent a few minutes searching out to see if he'd written anything lately. It was only because of clever googling and discovered a random website (and I couldn't figure out whether it was updated or not).

This led me to think about an author who once asked me to review their book years ago. I still think of this book, oddly because I connected to the character and it's a fairy tale themed book (which I always love). I also remember this book because of an email the author later sent to me, asking if I had noticed any spelling errors in her book (I hadn't) and that a previous blogger had complained about the errors to her.

Following that, I thought of a blogger who had self-published a few books and had been active on Twitter. We were blogging buddies until both of us went inactive for a while. I think of her sometimes too.

After thinking about the writers I have known over the years (distantly or otherwise), I realized that our writing has an impact on each other. The people I shared with you have influenced me, inspired me, and encouraged me, likely without them even knowing. These aren't people on any bestseller's list. These aren't people nominated for big prizes. They aren't CEOs, executives, or oscar winners. Yet, their writing mattered. It impacted me. It made a difference. Likely without any of them realizing.

So, even if you haven't written in years, go back to it. Even if you are struggling with keeping up your writing routine, keep at it. Even if you are tired of reading rejection letters, keep submitting. We influence each other, whether we realize it or not. So, keep writing. It does matter. And you may never realize the positive impact you have by simply keeping at it.

Nicole Pyles is a writer still keeping at it. Say hi to her on Twitter @BeingTheWriter and check out her book blog at


Sioux Roslawski said...

Nicole--You are so right. People influence us, and they never know how they kept us standing upright and ensured we continued to move forward, even if it was slowly and involved lots of stumbling and falling down.

Renee Roberson said...

What an encouraging message, Nicole. This has always been my goal--to write characters and stories that leave an impact on people. Sometimes I forget about the bigger picture when I'm wallowing and feeling sorry for myself because I've never caught the eye of a an agent or publisher so it's good to be reminded of this.

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