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Monday, February 15, 2016
Last week, I wrote a post titled, "What Kind of Blog Post Inspires You the Most?" where I asked several questions about you as a reader of blog posts--and what makes you want to read a post and even comment. Luckily, some people answered my questions, and I want to share those results with you. I think anyone who blogs goes through some period of: is anyone reading this? If they are, do they think it's useful? Will I ever get a comment again?

Okay, on to the results:

1. Facebook posts will get more comments. You should feel good about Facebook comments!

One thing I heard from a couple of you, and that I've experienced myself several times, is your friends really are reading your blog posts, usually on their phones, where it is difficult to comment on the post. BUT, they will return and comment on Facebook. The Former PK wrote, "My friends tell me 'it's too much trouble to comment on Blogger, but commenting on FB is no problem.'"

As writers, we are so hard on ourselves. Our friends and family are clicking on a link we post on Facebook, and coming back to our page and leaving a comment (not just liking it). It doesn't matter if the comment is on Facebook, Twitter, email or the blog post--it's a comment!

2. Readers like both kinds of posts.

I asked which kind of blog posts readers prefer--how-to/craft-type posts OR inspirational/writer's struggle posts. I also asked which type inspired people more to comment. It seems as if readers enjoy both types of posts. Sioux said, "As far as blogs on writing that I read, I like a blend of all the above. I enjoy hearing about the struggles that other writers grapple with, because then I know I'm not alone. I like funny posts, because my laughter allows me to take a break from the regular battering of rejection. I enjoy personal stories because then I can connect with the writer as a person.

I HAVE noticed that if I include a photo of a cute dog/puppy, I tend to get more comments. Perhaps I should post a dog picture with every post, no matter what I'm blogging about? ;)" More than one person expressed this sentiment about the types of posts. And I thought I would include Sioux's advice on the cute dog photo in case you want to try it out!

3. Include humor and be real.

This is the other piece of advice I gathered from the comments on my former post. If you can find some humor in what you are writing about, then include it. If not, then don't. Be real. Connect with your reader, if possible, and the best way to do that is to be real. Nina Powell said,"I think honesty from whomever is writing, no matter how it 'looks' to others, and that depicts growth in light of obstacles is what will make me want to blog and to come back for more.

Also, blogs that would motivate me to connect with others and that are humorous would most likely cause me to take action with my own writing."

Hopefully, this little survey will help all of us connect with our readers more because that is actually what is important--not the number of comments or likes, but whether or not you touched anyone with your words.

Happy blogging!

Margo L. Dill is a children's and YA author, living in St. Louis, MO. She teaches novel writing in the WOW! classroom and has been blogging for WOW! for almost 9 years! Find out more at

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Sioux Roslawski said...

Margo--Thanks for the information and for using my "advice." It's always interesting, because what attracts some readers repels others.

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