WOW! But…I’m a Man?

Monday, November 02, 2015
Some of you dear readers may be new and others may be fully aware that I’ve managed book blog tours for many men over the years. Each of these tours started with a similar question concerning my interest in doing a tour based on the sex of the author. Last week I received an email beginning with the following question:

“I'm a guy. Is that a show-stopper?”

Love that question! The answer is”


My favorite author is Wally Lamb and many of the male authors who have toured with WOW! have come back for more, or are working on their next book and plan on touring with WOW! again! We have no problem with the sex or gender of the author, as long as the content is appealing to women readers. This means pretty much anything is a go. However, my response generally includes a request to read an advance copy of the author’s book so I can make sure it’s interesting and worthy of a WOW! tour. I hate to disappoint you dear reader!

If you or someone you know, whether male or female have a book that would appeal to the WOW! readership, please send them our direction. The authors I have worked with have been very happy with how WOW! Blog Tours present them to readers. Often readers they may not have reached doing publicity on their own. This is also a great way to save time—allowing authors time to write their next book, be with family, or attend life events.

Get Involved (whether you are a man or woman)! If you have a website or blog and would like to host one of our touring authors or schedule a tour of your own, please email us at

Who has been your favorite WOW! touring author? Who would you like to see touring with WOW!? Leave your ideas, suggestions, thoughts and comments as commentary on this post – we love hearing from you!

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