Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book: Write Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time, launches her blog tour

Monday, October 15, 2012
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Today, we're shaking things up a bit. We usually conduct an interview with the author for blog tour launch days, but since we interviewed Nina Amir a couple of months ago for the WOW! Women On Writing e-zine, we decided to treat you to a book review instead. In case you didn't catch it the first time, you can read an interview with Nina Amir here.

Below, you will find a book review written by WOW blogger Jodi Webb, followed by the author's information, blog tour dates, and a Rafflecopter giveaway where you have the opportunity to win this fantastic book. Be sure to check out the excellent list of blogs we have scheduled for this tour and visit them for more chances to win as well as informative posts not found elsewhere.

Book Review: How to Blog a Book: Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time by Nina Amir

By Jodi Webb

I must confess, when I began reading Nina Amir’s How to Blog a Book I was skeptical. After all, blog posts are short—snippets of writing—and books are, well . . . long. Sure, it might be possible to create a book out of blog posts but it would have to be a certain type of book. Julie and Julia, the day-by-day record of a woman learning to cook, comes to mind. But the idea that blogging a book could work for any writer, any topic, any type of book? Hmmm.

Halfway through chapter two I was a true believer! Not only does How to Blog a Book show you how blogging can work with any type of book, but it also points out so many advantages both during the writing process and the promotion process that you’ll find yourself saying, “Why didn’t I think of this?” Amir approaches the topic of blogging a book by assuming that we know nothing about blogging but are willing to learn everything. She teaches the basics and quickly moves on to advanced tips and information—a method that will make even the most techno-challenged writer believe that they can master the art of blogging. This book is not just about blogging. Amir addresses book proposals, promotion, social media and more. She also points you toward even more information with lists of websites, books, and blogs that can help you in your quest for publication.

Perhaps the most important aspect of How to Blog a Book is Amir’s enthusiasm. She thinks blogging a book is the greatest thing since sliced bread and her enthusiasm is contagious. Even if you never considered blogging or even writing a book you’ll find yourself mulling over ideas for your blog-book. How to Blog a Book is not just a book of information. It is a book of inspiration.

Paperback: 178 pages
Publisher: Writer’s Digest Books (April 2012)
ISBN-10: 1599635402
Twitter hashtag: #howtoblogabook

How to Blog a Book is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Writer’s Digest Books.

About Author Nina Amir

Nina Amir is the type of person that believes one is never enough. Let’s start with books . . . Amir can claim authorship of not one but nine books and worries that she has more ideas than she has writing time! Then there are speaking topics . . . Amir speaks about everything from writing to Judaism to personal improvement. And finally blogs . . . Amir has created five blogs. And not just blogs! One, Write Nonfiction NOW! is both a blog and a special month-long writing challenge each November (don't miss it!). Another blog, How to Blog a Book, was created with the express purpose of writing a book with the same title. Find out more about Nina by visiting her website (, and connect with her on Twitter (@NinaAmir) and Facebook (

Blog Tour Dates

Tuesday, October 16 @ C. Hope Clark
Don't miss blogging advice from Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book, and a chance to win a copy of her latest book.

Wednesday, October 17 @ Musings from the Slushpile
Writer Wednesday at Musings from the Slushpile is welcoming Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book.

Thursday, October 18 @ Read These Books and Use Them!
Learn how to help your student find their voice through blogging from blogger extraordinaire Nina Amir, author of How to Blog A Book. Nina's also giving away a copy of her book!

Monday, October 22 @ About Freelance Writing
You can't miss today's review of How To Blog a Book by Nina Amir! She's written a guidebook to a whole new way of writing books.

Tuesday, October 23 @ The Guilty Parent
Stop by to find out what a mom blogger has to say about How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir.

Wednesday, October 24 @ Creating Craft
Meet a crafter who was so inspired by Nina Amir's book How to Blog a Book that she did just that! While you're there take a peek at the book she's blogging.

Thursday, October 25 @ Cathy C. Hall

Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book, has some great advice for everyone yearning to be a published author. Don't miss it!

Saturday, October 27 @ Young Pre Pro
We're globetrotting today! Don't miss today's interview with Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book, with a blogger located in Nigeria!

Monday, October 29 @ The Bookshelf Muse

Don't miss some great writing tips from Nina Amir and a chance to win her latest book, How to Blog a Book.

Tuesday, October 30 @ Word Count–Freelancing in the Digital Age

Win Nina Amir's must-have book for writers: How to Blog a Book. Nina will also be sharing some must-have writing tips!

Wednesday, October 31 @ Words by Webb
Learn what an experienced writer—and inexperienced blogger—thinks about How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir.

Thursday, November 1 @ CreateWriteNow
At Create Write Now! they're celebrating the beginning of Non-fiction Book Writing Month with a visit from the creator Nina Amir and a review of her latest book How to Blog a Book.

Tuesday, November 6 @ Pen & Pro$per
Don't miss a chance to win Nina Amir's latest book How to Blog a Book!

Wednesday, November 7 @ Make a Living Writing
So how did she do it? Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book lets us peek behind the curtain of her writing life.

Thursday, November 8 @ The Renegade Writer
Nina Amir, author of How to Blog a Book, stops by with blogging tips.

Friday, November 9 @ Krissy Media Ink
Last chance to win a copy of How to Blog a Book by Nina Amir. This could totally revamp the way you approach writing!

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Margo Dill said...

Jodi: I feel/felt the same way about Nina's book--what a great idea--and i have TWO ideas for books now. So, now I need to do some planning,start some blogs . . .

Linda said...

I've been looking forward to Nina's book, and will forward your blog post to those who follow my memoir blog and the Facebook Page for it. I wish Nina the best!


Margay Leah Justice said...

I'm always looking for ways to spread the news about my book, so I'm really eager to tap into this book for ideas!

Anonymous said...

As a blogger, I'd love to read this book!

Sheryl said...

Thanks for the informative look at a great book! I can't wait to read it!

LuAnn Schindler said...

I've been kicking around the idea for almost a maybe I'll get to it! Hope the book can give me a few tips to try.

Anonymous said...

I've been curious about trying such a project!

Kirstie said...

This sounds like the exact book I should be reading right now.
I love in Nina's author bio where it states "she worries that she has more ideas than she has writing time". She's not alone in that fear.

Angela Mackintosh said...

I'm with LuAnn. I have several ideas for blog to book projects and can't wait to put some of these ideas to good use! :) Great review, jodi!

Unknown said...

This would help me in spreading the word on my book!


Christine said...

Thank you so much!

Nina Amir said...

Thanks for all the comments and the great review! I love that everyone feels inspired to try blogging a book and that I sparked some ideas for blog-to-book projects. I'm so thrilled that my book has turned everyone's creative juices on to high!

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