Friday Speak Out!: 10 years – A journey, guest post by Priyanka Batra Harjai

Friday, September 07, 2012
by Priyanka Batra Harjai

Around 10 years ago was my first year as a working professional, first year of landing into the corporate sector. To start with, I got my first job offer as a “University Coordinator” with a study centre. During this time, I had:
-          No work experience
-          No industry / corporate sector understanding
-          No skill in which I could rate myself as an expert or say even as a novice
-          Faith in me
-          Enthusiasm to explore myself
Laden with all these fruits in the basket, I, like anybody else, started enjoying my share of pancakes and cherries. During this phase, I undertook some projects that went successful. Supplemented with some very frustrating inefficiencies, (at times) I almost got baffled up, being a working professional. Then the time came, when I had to decide that this was not me. Something latent was hiding in my mind that had to come out. It had to be something more than merely coordination and I decided to move on.

In my quest of something more, I landed into an organization, which was providing outsourcing solutions, as an “Internet Researcher.” This time I learnt that ‘we’, as working professionals, should aim for implementing the positive aspects of our experiences in the services that we deliver. Progressing on these values learnt and the skills acquired, I was promoted to “Team Leader” designation--my first experience of being the part of the middle management. I still remember the day when I got my first promotion letter in my hand. Then life took its turn and I had to leave that organization.
This time, an internet-marketing firm called me. I joined and my career flew to new heights. This was a stint, in which I actually got a sense of self-actualization! I started working from an ‘executive-level’ position and went to ‘senior-level’ position--‘Project Manager.’ The responsibilities entrusted on me filled me with a new wave of enthusiasm and self-confidence, which outpoured in the shape of successfully executed projects by me. However, this was not all; there was something more still lying hidden in the folds of my journey, called life.
The folds got unfolded; this time I joined an academic publisher in the capacity of ‘Manager – Marketing & P.R.’ This opportunity added new dimensions to my professional life. Working there, I learnt about new avenues, my areas of improvements and much more. Then was the much-awaited development of my life--‘My Marriage.’
On getting married, I made plans to push my horizons to new heights. I started taking ‘freelance content writing’ and ‘magazine consulting’ opportunities. At present, I have handful of projects in-hand. I thank from the bottom of my heart, my husband, who is always there to support me and to infuse an electrifying energy in me.

Today, looking straight into the eyes of future, I stand upfront to face, what my life has to offer-- a new destination or a new milestone ahead.

Priyanka Batra Harjai is a freelance content writer and a magazine consultant from Delhi, India. Please feel free to contact her at


Audrey said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with me. I love reading and hearing how the careers and lives of others have "evolved". I am 63, retired after 27 years in Education, and still evolving. I hope that I never stop growing, changing, and following that little voice in my heart that keeps me moving on to that next place. Congratulations on your journey.

Margo Dill said...

I agree! Thank you for sharing your inspirational story with us! :)

Juliann | Browsing the Atlas said...

I love your phrase "enjoying my share of pancakes and cherries." Only a true writer could come up with something like that. :)

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