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Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Amy Lamphere, writer and senior team leader for Jockey Person to Person, was worried she didn't have a retirement plan, as she supported her writing career--waiting for her big break. She had been working retail to "support that habit" when she decided to go for something with  more security. This is when she got into "social selling" with a company you've probably heard of before--Jockey. I'll let Amy tell you in her own words about her business, about her writing, and about how you can get super comfy clothes or even a new career to support your writing until it takes off.  

WOW: Hi Amy, I know that you have a business and a writing career, so we'll talk about both today. First, please share with The Muffin readers about your business, Jockey Person to Person. What is it exactly?

Amy: You know the underwear company, right? Person To Person is their leading direct-to-consumer division. We have shaken up the social selling marketplace with a super functional, super fashionable line of clothes that women love to layer on. I am a sales rep and coach for a national team of fabulous women who have found great money and great balance between their Jockey business and their life passion--whether that's family, education, volunteering...or writing!

WOW: So, what are some Jockey styles that you can suggest for writers? Do you have any particular pieces that you LOVE to write in?

Amy: My blog is The Lady in Leggings, so you know what I like to wear! Jockey P2P's active wear is simply the best, perfect for yoga class, then settling down to the computer. I love our Convertible Wrap Cardigan--it can be worn twenty different ways, and the fabric is delicious. And our Modern Pants--fondly known as The Butt Pants (because they make EVERYONE's butt look good)--and Jacket are my writing "uniform": I put them on when I need to get some serious pages done, and the fact that I FEEL great really comes through in how I approach my work.

WOW: Some people think it doesn't matter what they wear when they write. Do you agree with this or do you think the way you look and/or feel makes a difference for your creativity?

Amy: I swing a little old school on this topic. I was brought up with "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" mindset, and that sentiment has served me well. I don't think you have to obsess or overdo; but if you are confident in your appearance, it does reflect in your work, whether it's alone with your laptop or at a conference with potential colleagues, readers, or collaborators.

WOW: Or what if some of our writers are also speakers? Do you provide some good wardrobe choices for speaking and presenting, too?

Amy: Crazy good wardrobing--and that is the KEY word. We work with our clients to build ten-piece wardrobes that mix-and-match into thirty-plus outfits, at an average of $40 per three-piece ensemble. Our Smart Casual stretch suiting is incredibly comfortable, professional, and MACHINE WASHABLE. I love it for travel--our pieces can be rolled into a carry-on, and you arrive virtually wrinkle-free. Confidence in a duffel bag! And, frankly, I am a better writer than I am iron-er!

WOW: Me too! As we all know, writing often doesn't pay all the bills. Is it easy to get started as a Jockey Person to Person consultant? Where would our readers go to find more information about this business opportunity?

Amy: I consider Jockey P2P to be my "pocket business" -- it allows me a very livable income on MY time, which balances my writing, my dance classes (I teach four and five year olds creative movement and adults NIA technique in a local studio), and my family. I would love to coach other writers to create their own business: they can look at our opportunity at, and contact me through my website Our Starter Kit goes for $199, but we have a recruiting incentive in play now where a new consultant can get the kit for $19.95 and be instantly eligible for $2,300 in cash incentives. We ask for a commitment of "precious part-time hours," but the payback, both financially and in the areas of personal and professional growth--well, it has been most satisfying.

WOW: It does sound like a great opportunity for someone who is looking for flexibility and an income and who LOVES clothes. Tell us a little about your writing career and what you are working on.

Amy: Writing has been a constant in my life. I called myself a poet in high school and college, worked as an editor for a trade journal in New York, researched and assisted in the writing of four cookbooks, wrote a weekly restaurant column for a Minneapolis weekly, and contribute dance reviews to several papers. I was a prolific grant writer until I discovered P2P three years ago. Sharing Jockey clothes, and supporting others doing the same, allowed me to earn the income I wanted while helping me use a different side of my brain. I have fun with social selling--something ANYone can do with practice, and I am living proof of that--and then go home with laser-focus on my writing. I have two novels in the works and a memoir sitting with an agent in New York. I love taking my P2P business--and ten-piece wardrobe!--on the road to writing conferences and retreats. I love being able to work, write, and travel on MY schedule. It has made ALL the difference in my daily pages.

WOW: How exciting, and good luck with your memoir! To close, Muffin readers, if you are interested in Jockey Person to Person or discussing anything that we've shared here, please feel free to contact Amy. Here's her info:

Amy: You can find me online at a-lamp(at) and on Facebook as Holmes Campbell (my middle names). I am starting my blog, THE LADY IN LEGGINGS, and tweet as ladyinleggings. My Jockey business website is, and readers can learn about the business and place orders there. I would LOVE to answer any wardrobing or sizing questions anyone might have and can travel for trunk shows or fundraising events. I would love to offer Muffin readers 25 percent off their first order, so they can try these great basics for themselves! 

Doing this business has certainly given me a great cast of characters for my writing. The stories I hear, the places I hear about...well, you can't make this stuff up!

WOW: That is so nice of you to offer 25 percent off, Amy! Good luck to you in your writing career and with your "pocket business." Okay, ladies, let's take advantage of this offer and get ourselves a new wardrobe (or business oppportunity!).

Interview conducted by Margo L. Dill


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Love the versatility of the cardigan! It sounds like a fashionable fun job.....

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