Finding My Inner Author: Preparing for the Tom Bird Retreat Week 3

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day! I am leaving for Sedona tomorrow morning.

If you have been following my posts you were probably wondering why I was taking so long to write this one. Well, something unexpected happened. During Tom’s third preparatory webinar he led a guided meditation to allow us to explore the people and situations that we feel have been holding us back from reaching our full author potential. These could be fears, things people said or did, experiences we’ve had, etc… The purpose was to bring these issues to our conscious mind to allow us to work through them. Our homework was to write letters about these experiences—a journaling project. I never got to the letter writing; apparently my issues decided they just didn’t want to be dealt with! Instead, I awoke one morning with bursitis in my right shoulder and could not write, type, or even move my arm. Who ever heard of getting bursitis from sleeping!

(For those of you just dropping in on my posts, I have been preparing for Tom Bird’s Write Your Book in 5 Days retreat taking place in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. If you would like to read the previous posts click here for my first and here for my second.)

Serendipitously, I had scheduled an interview with Lori Zeltwanger from Advanced Release Therapy, one of the therapists Tom has lined up to help participants work through the energetic and emotional blocks keeping our inner author trapped. Instead of an interview, I received a phone session. Lori guided me in how to give in to the pain and receive the underlying message. I had a good emotional release and at one point found myself attempting a pretzel maneuver—I’ll get back to that later. Did it cure the bursitis? No, but it gave me some tools for exploring my emotional and energetic blocks while I worked with the Chiropractor on the physical restrictions. After all, how much can a therapist do over the phone? Usually she would be assisting the client hands on. Lori will be working with me during the retreat so I will be able to share more information on how she facilitates this rebirthing process.

In addition to Lori, who is a physical therapist, there will be two Holographic Repatterning practitioners available to help ensure that the shift the participants make is a lasting one; I’ll be introduced to them tomorrow.

Right now I have to run and start packing for the trip. I’m really looking forward to this retreat and to being able to bring you along on the journey! What’s even better than reading about my experience, though, is to take your own journey into birthing your inner author. Tom still has some openings for his other summer sessions—I urge you to sign up now. He has special prices available for his retreats and there are special prices for rooms at The Sedona Rouge, so now is the time to act!

Robyn Chausse


Jill said...

Enjoy the retreat, Robyn, Sedona is a marvelous place!

Robyn Chausse said...

Thanks Jill!
I'll try to take some pics for those who have not yet been there:)

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