The Dawning of a New Year: Bring Your Dreams to Light

Wednesday, December 22, 2010
Today the sun was born anew; at least that is what our ancestors would have thought. After the winter solstice, the longest night, they watched as the sun grew stronger each day. In the past, the winter solstice was a time of great celebration, an invitation and welcoming of abundance—the original New Year.

Many years ago I had a small group of friends who were very much into the solstices. For winter’s solstice we would create a fire in a chiminea or outdoor grill, and then each one of us would make two lists. One was a list of things to release: grudges, old relationships, out-dated and self limiting beliefs. The other was a list of things to invite into our lives: health, positive relationships, financial success, empowering self-images. Each of us would state aloud what we were releasing and what we welcomed for the coming year, setting each list into the fire. This was a visualization exercise; as each day grew longer our prosperity grew stronger.

Although my friends have all gone separate ways, I still hold the solstice as a day of reflection. What is my self-talk? Do I have habits or limiting self-beliefs I need to release? Do my actions back up my goals? How have I been blocking the flow of abundance in my life?

Once I’ve come to terms with myself and feel that inner glow, that assuredness for the coming year, I light a candle and take that first step. The first step may be logging important dates into a new planner such as due dates for submissions to various periodicals or self-imposed due dates for finishing that novel. Perhaps a first step is smaller, clearing off the desk or writing a journal entry on the vision for the coming year.

What will your first step be? Share it here with your friends.

Whatever dreams you hold, may your candle burn brighter each day.

- Robyn Chausse

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