It’s June--How Are Those Writing Goals Workin’ For ‘Ya?

Sunday, June 13, 2010
Can you believe we’re six months into 2010 already? How are you doing with your writing goals? Well, mid-year, is a great time to fine-tune your list to make sure you’re on track for the rest of the year. Check out some of the suggestions below.

You’ve Made Your List, Now Check It Twice
A lot can happen in six months, especially when it comes to your writing. Do a run-through it to make sure your goals still meet your expectations.

Hitting the Wall
Not getting the amount of assignments you want? Having a hard time carving out some writing time? Whatever the roadblock, it’s easy to break through. Ramp up your submissions by putting in some more market research time. Limit the TV, Facebooking and tweeting, and get those fingers tapping on the keyboard. Use online job boards and other resources to discover new clients.

It’s Your (Writing) Life, Don’t You Forget
Remember to tailor your goals to your specifications, so add or subtract as desired and continue to make them attainable. For instance, explore other genres by adding some classes to the list. Find a critique group to help prepare and polish your manuscripts, or search for another if your current one no longer meets your needs. If you feel you need to improve your networking skills, join a local writing organization or attend an event. And if a client proves to be more trouble than you’re willing to endure, end the relationship on good terms if possible, and move on to the next one.

It’s June. Are your writing goals working for you? Revisit them, get past the roadblocks and finish 2010 strong. You can do it!

By Jill Earl


MamaRas said...

Wow...this was so well timed for me.
I've had a terrible time all week getting up before the sun to fit my writing into my day.
Thanks for assisting me with a little bit of focus to re-evaluate and re-commit.

Randayle Greyson.
Unleashing Stories.

Jill said...


Glad you found the post helpful. You're not by yourself, I'm revisiting my own goals. You can do it!


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